The Internet Reacts To Overwatch's New Sombra Skin

Blizzard has been releasing previews of new Overwatch skins in anticipation of the game's upcoming event, Retribution. Sombra's new skin has people wondering if she'd like to speak to your manager.

Overwatch's resident hacker, Sombra, is getting a new skin that shows her in a uniform for the villainous Talon organisation.

Sombra, who usually sports an undercut with purple highlights, is rocking a shorter haircut in this look. The problem is, a lot of players think it looks like a bad wig.

Other players are trying to put a finger on what this haircut reminds them of. Some say Rihanna, others say Kris Jenner, while others still think Sombra's about to give you an earful about your lacklustre customer service.

Image: ACozyPotato

Not everyone hates this skin. In fact, it's making some players swoon for Sombra harder than ever. Maybe she'll let you stand under her umbrella.


    They just need to ease up on that big ol' helmet-head side swoop, maybe convert it to more of a choppy-layered pixie cut, and it would look less like a bad wig.

    I like this a lot more than that awful shaved side hairdoo of the 21st century

      Aww, I was just thinking about cutting my hair like that! *sobs and runs away*

        Hey man, you do you. Don't let some jerk on the internet stop you!
        Unless you're gonna murder someone. Then maybe let some jerk on the internet stop you.
        Unless that person is Hitler. Then don't let some jerk on the internet stop you!
        Unless Hitler is about to cure cancer.

        Then maybe wait a few minutes.

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