BattleTech, As Told By Steam Reviews

BattleTech, As Told By Steam Reviews

Sometimes, love doesn’t come easy.

That’s been the case for fans of BattleTech of late, who have been enjoying Harebrained Schemes’ blend of tactical battles on 3D landscapes with some mercenary management. Luke’s been playing the game, and he’s enjoyed what he’s played so far.

Battletech Is Pretty Good

Released on PC last week, Battletech is a new strategy/tactics game by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun). In the absolute simplest terms, it's kinda like XCOM, only you're in control of some giant lumbering mechs.

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And for the most part, that’s been the game’s general reception. BattleTech is sitting at a 71% user rating from just over 2500 reviews, and there’s a good deal of correlation between the positive comments and the negative ones.

Players praised the mix of storytelling with XCOM-esque tactical combat, especially the destructability of the mechs. The persistent resource-based management out of combat was praised too, which isn’t bad since those are the two major pillars of the game.

On the flipside, the game’s stability and performance was panned by users. Some noted a lot of issues with crashes to desktop as well, especially after some of the longer (60 minutes onwards) engagements. The slow pace of BattleTech was noted as well, although more as a general warning before playing rather than a criticism of the game itself.

Here’s what people are saying about BattleTech:


    • It’s not exactly sitting incredibly high on Steam right now (just ‘Mostly Positive’), so it’s a fair spread of the current reviews its getting. Even if a lot of the negativity seems to be around performance issues though.

      That said, I think the game is definitely clunkier than it should be from a fluid control standpoint. Bits of the UI, menus, etc are needlessly finicky and just make the game feel slower than even a game about giant mechs lumbering around blowing each other up really should.

    • I try to have a fairly even split if I can, but I think with this a lot of the negative reviews still have positive commentary in them.

      • That’s why I took away from it. The core of it is a good game but has issues that need to be fixed.

  • I’ve played the game for a few hours. Nothing wrong on my side with a Nvidia card. Have good load times and no bugs.

  • This reminds me of Homeworld. I love it, but I can’t play it because it takes sooooooo long for anything to happen. But every few months I boot it up and marvel at how beautiful it is.

    I loved battletech back in the day (Crescent Hawk’s Revenge – now THAT was a game!) but these days I have stuff to do. I can’t just sit in front of my PC waiting for a game to happen.

  • Why am I reading an article that’s just copy-pasted screenshots from the steam store? I need to reevaluate my life… :/

  • I’ve only had very minor performance issues. Occasionally it’ll hang for about 1 second, usually when the camera is moving and then it sorts itself out and keeps on going.

    Load times are a tad long but I don’t have an SSD so it’s pretty much par for the course.

  • It’s really a very, very good game. Mostly.

    The crashing stopped for me once I got through the tutorial (for lack of a better term) missions, but the load times are still atrocious. Waiting a minute to load a save, then another 2 to start the mission, then getting random 1-2 second hangs in mission just makes everything feel too slow. Admittedly, the patch from yesterday helped a lot and there’s more to come.
    It also has no reasonable tutorial to speak of. Massive amounts of basic UI and mechanic info are just not mentioned anywhere. After the tutorial you’re just dumped into a forest of menus with more nested menus and you’re expected to deal with granular mech outfitting and repairs, player progression for a whole team, finances, travel planning, mission negotiations, morale effects… it’s endless. The tutorials for this are all non-interactive. They’re either a series of paragraphs with a still image attached, or conversations with crew members. They tell you about things, but don’t actually teach anything.

    The learning curve is steep. But once you watch or read some guides written by users and reload your save once or twice for making mistakes that cost you a fortune, the game opens up and it’s fantastic.

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