Behold, The Gaming Boom Box

It's closer to a shoulder-mounted retro cannon, and it's certainly one of the best ways to make the Switch an infinitely less portable device. But this RadioShack Boombox is still four consoles in one, and a pretty great accomplishment.

In the shell of this ageing piece of tech, YouTuber My Mate VINCE has strapped together the following: a CRT TV, a Nintendo Switch, Wii Mini, SNES Classic, and for shits and giggles, a PSTV.

The internals contain the requisite cables and converters required to get the modern consoles to interface with the black-and-white telly. The process of putting it all together makes it horrendously impractical, although it's a wonderful DIY project.

I'm just a little bit proud that someone found a new lease of life for the Wii Mini and PSTV. Not the most efficient uses, but for most people, that hardware is sitting around doing nothing anyway. Not quite the future the Switch's engineers imagined, though.


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