Double Fine Is Publishing The Next Game From Playables

Double Fine is publishing the next game from Playables, the makers of the wonderfully weird Plug & Play.

It's called KIDS, and it's described as a project about "the psychology of the group" in which you move against crowds. The game will be out this year on PC/mobile alongside a film and a full-blown art exhibition.


    As a trypophobe, that gif makes me want to tear out my insides.

      Isn't trypophobia the phobia of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps ?

      None of which are in the gif :/

        That's exactly what's in the gif. The irregular swaying and movement of the clusters of people moving towards the hole is grossing me out hardcore. It's kinda hard to explain, but me no likey.

      Attention seeking behaviour much?

        Commenting on a reaction elicited from an article is attention-seeking behaviour now? Righto.

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