I'm Very Down For Aggrestuko's LEGO Makeover

All images: Flickr (Iain Heath)

As much as I can appreciate the juggernaut that is Hello Kitty, characters like Aggretsuko are more my style. Especially LEGO ones.

While it's not an official product in the works, Iain Heath has provided an idea of what a LEGO transformation of Sanrio's death-metal loving office star could look like. Posted on the official LEGO ideas website, the Aggretsuko playset features Retsuko at her desk, and Retsuko in her natural environment (screaming death metal at the karaoke club).

There's even a little karaoke table with sushi, beer and a screen:

According to Heath, the build took approximately a week to put together. The rest of the decorative stickers were then added in post, which took another couple of days, Heath told Kotaku.

Whether this becomes an official product depends on public support. The LEGO Ideas website requires 10,000 supporters before the LEGO Review Board it can be considered, and a project like this would have extra hoops given the IP and Netflix's involvement.

It's a great mockup nonetheless. And it'd be nice if it became official merch. I'd certainly love to adorn my desk with a Retsuko or two.


    Just started watching this show today. It's on Netflix and it's awesome.

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