LEGO's Architecture Series Is Still So Good

I get it, there are lots of adults out there buying lots of LEGO, but for me, the best adult LEGO has always been the company's fancy architecture series, which now has two very slick new additions.

I've always loved them because, as much as I adored LEGO growing up, I feel like most of the sets out there are a bit too caricatured for my liking. Plus there's enough cartoon shit on my desk as there is, it's nice having something a little more refined. Oh, and the box art (left) is always fantastic as well.

As The Brothers Brick report, the two newest sets are an improved Statue of Liberty and a Great Wall of China (which has a cool trick).

The Statue of Liberty has 1,685 pieces and will cost $US120 ($160). The best thing about it is that the flame is actually a minifig hairpiece.

The Great Wall, meanwhile, will be $US50 ($67). And while it looks small, it's actually modular by design, so you can buy multiple sets and stick them together to create a longer diorama.

Both are out in June.


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