Our Favourite Video Game Controllers

Our Favourite Video Game Controllers

Ever since video games showed up in the living room, there have been weird ways to interact with them. From the joystick to the Joy-Con, hardware manufacturers are always trying to cook up the best version of the video game controller.

Sometimes, those offerings can feel a cheap and plasticky. Other times, they’re masterpieces. I sat down with Ethan and Tim to discuss some of our most beloved video game controllers, as well as the ones we wish we could forget about.

Let us know down below which controllers you’re currently loving, which ones you wish they’d bring back, and which you wish had never found their way into your hands.


  • Heh, you can use an Xbox Elite Controller on PS4 w/ a Brook Xbox One Adaptor. Is fully wireless, and works a treat.

  • I had a dual thumbstick PS1 controller that had an turbo auto press feature that I loved, was called a Scorpion PSX. Loved the shit out of it, only lost it to the floods in Brisbane a few years back, otherwise was still in fantastic condition. Felt solid as, wasn’t cheap or flimsy like most 3rd party controllers back then, and had nice moulded grips.

  • Neg–Con!!!!!! So good for Ridge Racer and other driving games. Analog buttons for brake and accel, plus the ability to use controller like a steering wheel.

  • All the PS controllers are total rubbish. They are all so freakin tiny as well. Its one of the few areas sony hasn’t actually dominated in haha

    • Agreed, but the Dualshock 4 has to be close to perfection in my opinion. It actually fits perfectly into my hands, whereas every PS controller beforehand has felt like a hollow plastic kids toy.

      • This, I’ve always hated PS controllers but the DS4 genuinely impressed me with all the little changes it made.

      • Duleshock 4 was definitely an improvement, ill give you that. Though, we are still settling for the worst controller. Switch pro and xbox elite controllers are light years ahead. My opinion of course.

  • I thought the Xbone controller was ok, but now that I’ve got the Switch Pro controller going back to the bone feels awfully huge and uncomfortable. Too bad the sticks on the Switch one don’t stand up to moderate use without losing reliability.

      • Stick mechanisms maybe, I still like the feel of the physical sticks much better on the Switch. Also the xbone’s dpad is awful 😛 The Switch ones are pretty hit and miss, but if you get a good one they’re great.

  • Always felt like the XB1 controller more uncomfortable than XB360, maybe it’s just the fact that all my 360 controllers are worn considerably smooth in places where i’ve used it for far too many thousand hours… Yeah probably that.

    • 360 Controllers are still my favourite. Remove the battery pack lump and it’d be perfect. XB1 controllers have sharp seems and the triggers and bumpers aren’t as nice. The first gen bumpers were actually hinged at a different point which made them difficult to press. They’ve since fixed it but I’ve not a reason to buy another controller or even play any new games.

  • Controversial opinion: the Wii remote. The games were never that amazing, but for the concept of the Wii the remote was absolutely perfect and way more natural to hold than any other controller.

    I also actually really like the joy cons when detached, but I certainly understand why people have issues with them.

    I think when it comes to actually controlling a game a keyboard and Mouse is just more accurate than any other input method, so what I tend to look for in a controller is comfort and novelty and subjectively the Wii remote and the Joy Cons are pretty great in both regards.
    Honourable mentions to the XBOX 360 controller, the DualShock 4 and the Gameboy Advance (yeah, not really a controller, but it was really comfortable)

    • The wii remote was only good when paired with a nunchuk, split controllers are great. But the lack of buttons and analogue stick really hurt a lot of control options, especially when it meant being supplemented by waggle that never worked properly. And sideways remote was an abomination 😛

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