Ron Howard Narrating Star Wars Like It's Arrested Development Is Fantastic

I didn't know I wanted the entire Star Wars series to be remade in the style of Arrested Development until now.

Ahead of the annual May 4th celebrations (tomorrow for Aussies, Saturday internationally), Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard took part in a little sketch. Howard was the narrator for Arrested Development, so that's exactly what Disney got him to do: narrate the plot of A New Hope in the style of the dysfunctional sitcom.

The end of the video shows a few seconds from The Empire Strikes Back, which makes me wonder if Howard will end up narrating all of the Star Wars films. Which, if it's done like the above, would be fantastic.


    Return of the... Empire?

      of course return of the empire, much like The Penultimate Jedi and The Attack of the Sith, such good movies

      Obviously meant Episode V, The Jedi Strikes Back.

    Yeah, it comes right after The Phantom Jedi Strikes Back. At least in the Ghurka Knife order anyway...

    This is the greatest. I really hope they do the others

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