UFC Champ Crushed By PUBG’s Circle, Somehow Wins Anyway

UFC Champ Crushed By PUBG’s Circle, Somehow Wins Anyway

This afternoon’s entertainment is brought to you by UFC champion (who somehow finds time to have an entire professional video game streaming career on the side) Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. Prepare to witness a full spectrum of emotions in a mere 30 seconds.

Usually, when the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds circle closes, it heralds either a tense final showdown or the creeping tendrils of certain doom. Playing a match yesterday on the game’s new, still-in-testing map Sanhok, UFC champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson found himself seemingly all alone as the end drew near, but the game claimed that two other players were still alive despite the circle’s rapidly corrosive effects.

Let’s break this down:

0:00-0:09: Not yet fully aware of how strange this moment is, Mighty Mouse is still enjoying himself. “Where are you?” he shouts to his hypothetical foes in a goofy voice.

0:10-0:11: Mighty Mouse glances around pensively as the circle closes in. Realisation dawns.

0:12-0:20: He is dumbfounded. The game tells him there are still two other players alive, but the circle almost certainly should have killed them by now. “Dude, what the – ” he says as the circle reaches his character. “Are you serious right now?” He tries to use meds to stay alive, but his character drops dead.

0:21-0:24: Mighty Mouse is outraged. His face crinkles in disgust. He nearly blurts an obscenity, but stops himself. The video game has betrayed him.

0:25-0:30: Mighty Mouse realises that he got a chicken dinner anyway, and everything is immediately cool and fine. “Boom!” he says. “Brand new map. Big daddy won.”


  • Man. It is so weird to me that the two biggest games in the world currently are effectively the same thing and both still mostly unfinished.

    • While it isn’t a polished game, I don’t believe this was due to any glitches. The other survivors were more than likely below him in the water.

  • “Where are they?”
    Uhm. You’re on a bridge. It’s pretty obvious where the other two players are

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