Finally, Laptops Are Taking Cues From My Beloved Nintendo DS

A 2-in-1 device that uses AI for smarter charging, that can also be rotated horizontally, vertically, laid flat, and with a keyboard that automatically tracks your hands while you type. That's Project PRECOG, a new device from ASUS due to ship next year.

Announced at the end of ASUS's corporate press conference at Computex, Project PRECOG is a 2-in-1 device that comes with two screens, a little reminiscent of Nintendo's DS handheld.

Precog is a good degree more powerful, though. Like the company's ScreenPad technology shown off earlier at Computex, the second screen will display contextual information and toolbars for relevant applications. One example shown during the conference was Excel, with suggestions provided on the bottom screen while the spreadsheet was viewable on the main screen.

The two screens are joined by a 360o hinge, and the device has a Movidius Vision processor from Intel. ASUS didn't announce any other internals, although they added that Windows Cortana and Amazon Alexa was built in.

The author travelled to Computex 2018 as a guest of ASUS.


    I've been known to sit my macbook open on its edge to work on portrait documents.
    I hope this becomes a thing and is well implemented. Dual screen working is so much more productive, it would be great to have the option within a single laptop.
    A keyboard that clipped off to reveal the screen would be nice, so you had a real keyboard for single screen use.

    In the meantime, having an iPad as a second monitor works well, but man I like the idea of a dual screen laptop.

      While I love the look of it and the idea of it, I'm not actually sure I'd like it in actual use. I dislike onscreen tablet keyboards because of the lack of actual key movement and feedback. And that's using the tablet as a tablet, so not a huge amount of typing. I don't think I'd be able to use the precog as a genuine laptop where I did a lot of coding or writing reports.

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