computex 2018

  • The Case For Buying A New MacBook Is Very, Very Difficult

    The XPS 13 9370 makes a strong case for the crown in the $1999-2499 mark. For almost a full decade, Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Air were the head of the pack. They certainly weren’t the most cost-affordable, but with a killer touchpad, trackpad, plenty of battery life and a lightweight chassis that made it perfectly…

  • Don’t Expect Next-Gen Nvidia GPUs For ‘A Long Time’

    People thinking about upgrading or building new gaming PCs have had a rough six months. First, there was the cryptocurrency boom, which caused graphics cards to sell for double or triple their MSRP. Then, just as soon as GPU prices began to fall, the price of RAM became an issue, with SSDs threatening to do…

  • Intel’s i7-8086K Hits 5.0GHz Out Of The Box

    Image: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo) To kick off their keynote at Computex in Taiwan this year, Intel announced they were celebrating the 40th anniversary of the x86 processor with a bit of a bang: the Core i7-8086K, an anniversary CPU that runs at 4.0Ghz and can hit a turbo frequency of 5GHz out of the box.

  • A Gaming Headset That Works With Every Platform

    Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku) While I wouldn’t be too eager to take the latest ASUS headset for a spin on the train or the sidewalk, the latest aural offering in the ROG line does have one very neat advantage: it’s built to work with everything.