PUBG's Mannequins Are Scary As Hell

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Sanhok map is now available to all players on PC after a few months of testing and it has mannequins. They're terrifying.

Screenshot: PUBG

I stayed away from Sanhok during testing, preferring to wait until the final curated experience would be released, and I haven't been disappointed with the experience. Myself and a couple friends dropped on the tropical island for the first time the other night and we had a rip-roaring good time shooting our way through riverside villages, lumber yards and dilapidated ruins.

We were having a good time, that is, until I went upstairs in a building and found myself being stared at by the dead eyes of these terrifying mannequins.

Screenshot: PUBG

Yall, they look like zombies or animated sorcery beings. They look like the undead coming to completely kick my arse from beyond the grave. And, honestly, PUBG is already a scary game with danger waiting around a corner, so seeing them just standing there really gave me a case of "hollering in fear."

I'm not the only person who is getting surprised by these purple models with immaculate eyebrows. A Reddit thread titled "PUBG just took a year and a half off my life with this room..." is chock full of people getting vitality ripped out of their body by the shock of slowly walking around a corner and witnessing this room.

I think the mannequins make the game better. They're the exact right amount of environmental terror that the game needs. After all, it's not like I don't spend 20% of my games lying down on my stomach listening as closely as possible to the gunshots in the distance and the footsteps that get closer... and closer... and closer.

Personally, I'm waiting for the Prop Hunt game mode that allows me to become one of these horror objects.


    haha, played sanhok for the first time on the weekend and one of the houses i got in to had a room full of these. and yes, i shit myself, initially thinking they were enemies.

    I may have spent an entire clip of Mini-14 ammo trying to snipe one through a window.

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