The last ScribbleTaku: Fallout 1. Pretty straightforward given all the Fallout 76 news. Zombie Jesus picked the actual UI icon, although it seems like cffndncr remembered as well.

Can you guess today's game? Good luck!


    Hotel Embossed Note Pad Saga 2 - The Jealousy Follows

    There's an actual retro game that I just can't remember that I'll kick myself when the answer hits. Unfortunately all I can think right now is PUBG.

      Guess what

      ... It wasn't the retro game

        Well shit. Now I'll never know what that retro game I was trying to remember was, lol

    @alexwalker was that just because I upvoted his answer? I wish I could take credit but i just google searched to see if he was right.

    I've never actually played a fallout game...

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