Dark Souls Devs Are Making A New Ninja Game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Dark Souls Devs Are Making A New Ninja Game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Last winter at The Game Awards, Dark Souls studio From Software teased a game that they called “Shadows Die Twice.” At the Xbox E3 press conference, the developer officially revealed that game: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, an action game starring a ninja with a prosthetic arm.

In an interesting twist, this one is published by Activision, the mega-corporation best known for ongoing multiplayer games like Destiny and Call of Duty. From Software’s previous games have been published by Atlus (Demon’s Souls), Bandai Namco (Dark Souls), and Sony (Bloodborne).

I watched a demo of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in an Activision hotel suite this morning, and will have impressions for you later this week. Short version: It looks awesome.


  • Awwww yisssss. This is the Tenchu reboot I’ve been waiting for. Once I saw that grappling hook and wall hugging it was a day one purchase.

    Between this and Metal Wolf Chaos getting picked up by Devolver I think From Software wins E3.

  • While i could do with a more souls like and NIOH combined, with some tenchu thrown in…. is it just me or does the trailer look like crap? as in textures, and animations.

    • I hate how everybody goes “its about gameplay” well you know what? i see enough recycled animations there, and basically the lighting system looks the same; infact it just looks like its been reskinned with some new stuff added, and forced out early like activision enjoy doing.
      i absolutely loved dark souls so much, but i just wish they would update the graphics engine, not upgrade, update majorly, or make a new one.
      im sure as hell this will be amazing as always and cant wait either way.
      in other words, im still a painslut, more pain please

  • Omg “new ninja game”. Please end my life. Have you never heard of the term “Japanese warrior”. At least use that in the title instead of the blatant ignorance “ninja”. Christ


    Would be excited about it. Would be. Except… it’s being published by Activision. So it’s gonna be a shit garbage mess of anticonsumer trash, bursting with microtransactions, P2W bullshit, on-disc DLC and the whole rest of the fucking mess, guaranteed. Bandai Namco may not be a very good publisher, but Activision are the exact OPPOSITE of a good publisher. Consider my interest completely killed in one announcement.

    And if you think I’m overreacting, I think you’re too naive. What I have here is called “basic pattern recognition”.

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