This Is A DOOM Mod

If you grew up in the '90s, you'll have seen people staring cross-eyed into Magic Eye books at some point, books about visual illusions contained inside 2D images.

Now imagine DOOM, but as a constant, moving Magic Eye image.

"OMDO plays just like DOOM, except every frame is a random dot autostereogram," the page for the mod reads. Random dot autostereograms, incidentally, are the same ones that the Magic Eye were based on.

OMDO basically transforms the first three levels of DOOM into a giant, moving Magic Eye image. It's only the first three levels because that's what is available as shareware. Given that the game is opensource, however, someone should be able to use the autostereogram algorithm to convert everything.

Some much needed advice.

Mind you, I'd venture that too many people wouldn't be able to tolerate this for too long:

To drive yourself insane, and for a neat DOOM-themed distraction, head here.


    jokes on you. While I can't make out magic eye puzzles, static is a temporary cure to my visual snow

    I've played tetris like this but it's pretty hard to keep your eyes in the right 'focus'. Cue massive headache playing this.

    this sounds like hell to play


    So apparently I have Stereoblindness.

      Ditto. I've never been able to see anything in magic eye puzzles. And that clip above just looks like static to me.

        I can only ever get these things to work in reverse... like instead of the image popping towards me, I can only ever see them pressing into the background. Like being on the wrong side of a plastic mask.

        Interestingly I find the moving images way easier to resolve than the non moving ones.

        It is tricky to focus 'past' the screen to get the effect to work, it is easier for most people to go a tiny bit cross-eyed and focus 'before the screen', sometimes holding you finger an inch or two in front of the screen and focusing on it helps.
        It's a shame they don't have the option to flip the effect so that you could view it either way.

    Woohoo, I can still see these things ????

      Uh, why did my smiley emoji turn into question marks?

        You have to unfocus your eyes to see the emoji you originally wrote

    Huh, I was wondering the other day whether you could make a game like that. Guess that answers that question.

    Yeh, could never make these out myself. I almost do it, but then always refocus or something. It's frustrating.

    I feel like you'd need something with a lot of really strong silhoeuttes for this to work well. This mostly looks like squares moving around other squares.

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