This Week In Games: Time For Mario Tennis

Finally, I can ruin people's lives as Rosalina and Waluigi once more.

The week succeeding E3 isn't traditionally stacked with releases, and despite publishers' penchant for announcing and releasing games at the same time, that still hasn't changed.

Case in point: Mario Tennis Aces. The cheeky not-quite-sports game is part of Nintendo's strategy for consistent momentum across the year, dropping this week after an online beta earlier this month. Beyond that, it's a bit quiet although there are some notable games: Flashback returns 25 years after its first release, there's a new Harvest Moon game, and Minecraft comes to the Switch (for $40, mind you).

  • Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (PS4)
  • New Gundam Breaker (PS4)
  • Mario Tennis Aces (Switch)
  • Flashback (Switch)
  • Alone (PC)
  • Urban (PC)
  • Minecraft (Switch)
  • Drawful 2 (Switch)
  • RBI 18 Baseball (Switch)
  • Haimrik (PC, XBO)
  • Anima Gate of Memories: The Nameless Chronicles (PC, PS4)

And since E3 was last week, it's worth remembering that Hollow Knight (Switch), Fortnite (Switch), Fallout Shelter (PS4, Switch), Tennis World Tour, Jurassic World: Evolution and Wreckfest dropped last week as well.

Some quick trailers for context. First, let's check out New Gundam Breaker:

And for those who might consider pulling away from Stardew Valley for a second, here's Light of Hope:

It's also interesting to see Drawful 2 get a solo re-release on the Switch this week; pity it's not just bundled in with one of the other Jackbox packs, though.

So: are you picking Mario Tennis up this week, or anything that dropped amidst the hustle of E3?


    I’ve bought Aces and will be ready to download it as soon as it drops! I also picked up Hollow Knight (amazing) and am having a grand old time with the new Octopath demo.

    Daily Reminder that "Harvest Moon" is not Harvest Moon anymore, the guys who own the name Harvest Moon kept the license for the name, but have been making their own games not by the Marvelous Devs, Story of Seasons is the real Harvest Moon.

    Also Gundam Breaker games have always been fun but i heard some not so great things about the direction this one is taking, i'll see what people have to say once they get their hands on it.

      Weirdly, the real new gundam game on the horizon is daemon x machina, made by marvelous games!

    I thought that Minecraft is more accurately a re-release, I think moving properly to the Bedrock engine?

      Yeah and it should be adding crossplay with the Xbox, PC and Mobile versions.

        No Playstation crossplay...? :p

          Playstation aren't even getting the latest versions of the game it seems, looks like Microsoft said "Crossplay or nothing" to them.

            Interesting. Would be a good time for Microsoft to add stuff only available in crossplay. Push back at their closed garden, and start creating separation between the haves and have nots. Then encourage other games such as Rocket League and Fortnite to do similar.

            If the gaming experience falls too far behind, Sony might find reason to move beyond maintaining their market dominance.

            The utter clusterfuck Sony unleashed with their mishandling of cross-play on Fortnite is going to be the thing that undoes their policy, I suspect, not Minecraft.

    I'll definitely be getting Nintendo and CAMELOT'S Mario Tennis Aces this week. Because while I wait for Activision and Vicarious Visions Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy coming out for Nintendo Switch next week I think Mario Tennis Aces will be fun doing Adventure Mode and unlocking not only new costumes but also new playable characters like Spike who first appeared in Mario Party 10. So I will be getting Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch this week.

    *yawn* Wake me when Nier releases on Xbox next week

    Is mario aces just a fun party game or does it have a robust single player campaign too? Only wondering as i probably won't have people to play with often.

      it does have what appears to be a pretty robust single player campaign. it most definitely is a fun party game, AND is a very deep sports game.

    Hollow Knight on Switch is amazing. Definitely worth the price it's going for on the eShop right now.

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