Avengers Academy Is A Bad School

Avengers Academy is not a good game. It is a series of timers that grant you little tokens to upgrade Marvel characters, who you then send into automatically-completed battles to earn more little tokens. I know this. I accept this.

This is not my gripe.

My gripe is that, in this learning institution, there is only room in the library for one child to read a book at a time.

Look at this.

This is the Timeless Archives, Avengers Academy’s library, which I’ve upgraded to level 2. Notice anything about it?

One chair.

There is a chair for the computer, but students rarely use it for studying, preferring instead to email and play games. Even fully upgraded to level 3, the library only comes with one chair for reading.

When I was in high school I preferred to sit on the floor of the library. But I guess Avengers Academy students are more concerned about dirtying their clothes than I was, because they insist upon having a chair if they are to read a book.

This results in students wandering aimlessly around the campus, rather than daring to touch a book without the prerequisite furniture.

Also, where are the classrooms? Moreover, where are the teachers? I’ve been playing for two weeks, and I haven’t seen a single class conducted. Everyone seems more concerned with beating up students from Hydra School than actually learning anything.

Maybe this is one of those schools that believe in free range children, where the kids get to decide what they want to learn. But so far that’s only resulted in Iron Man spending eight hours studying historic ladies.

He doesn’t even have the decency to do it in his own room, which means that for eight hours nobody else can read a book.

Things this school has: A shooting range, an aircraft hanger and a bar.

Things this school does not have: A second chair for its library.

This seems like a misallocation of school funds.

I am trying to run a school here. I am trying to give these kids an education. I am trying to prepare them for the future, so they don’t go out into the world thinking that playing the accordion for four hours straight will give people energy.

Please, Avengers Academy. Give me a chair.


    Twice as many seats at the bar compared to the library, what sort of establishment is this

    Considering they put the walls and roof *behind* the library, the presence of only one chair doesn't really surprise me that much.

    The character design and writing for this 'game' are really excellent, but I do with they weren't coupled to such a naked, insatiable greed for my money.

      I think the greed for money only really applies to the events (and the associated heroes that comes with those events).

      otherwise the game is so laughably pointless, it's actually relaxing

    They poked fun at this fact by giving Wiccan an action called "Make Miracles!" in which he conjures a second chair in the library and sits on it.

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