Broly Is Up To His Old Crap Again In New Dragon Ball Super Movie  

Broly Is Up To His Old Crap Again In New Dragon Ball Super Movie  

Dragon Ball Super has ended its TV run, but no worries — the series’ next movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is coming out in Japan before the end of the year.

We don’t know much beyond what’s shown in the official poster and the short teaser trailer that got released today.

Broly, the Saiyan version of the Incredible Hulk, will be reprising his role as a giant dude who radiates green energy and has really small pupils. It looks as though Goku and Vegeta will fight him. Probably the other Z Fighters will show up as well at some point, and all manner of existing power levels will be surpassed.

The movie hits Japan December 14 and, if it follows the same timeline as the last one, Resurrection ‘F’, it could come West sometime early next year.

The last time Broly starred in one of the movies, it was as a melting blob of green ooze in 1994’s Bio-Broly, whose terribleness didn’t grace Western shores until 2005. Anyone who saw that mess couldn’t blame Toei for dragging its feet with the localisation.

Hopefully this time things go different for the Legendary Super Saiyan.


  • This also marks Broly finally entering canon, apparently. I’m just hoping they can actually do the character justice instead of just being a giant ball of rage.

    • Cannon yes. But it also means the prev 2 Broly movies are still not canon. This will be the official first time for Broly in the Canon, and I actually hope Uni 6’s Sayins show up too.

    • Toriyama said that he’s reworked Broly in to a deeper character and basically redesigned him as a whole while maintaining features as to why people love him

    • For one that’s a fan made movie off YouTube and that’s also not broly it’s a God that created ultra instinct, you can clearly see the style doesn’t match and he doesn’t even look like him.

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