Here's The New Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer

Dragon Ball movies stopped having a plot a long time ago. If the trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con today is anything to go off of, Dragon Ball Super: Broly won’t be any different.

Goku is all fired up and ready to test his strength against an even more powerful foe. Vegeta can’t believe how good of a fighter Broly is. Frieza shows up in his new gold form for some reason. And of course there’s a lot of yelling. Who could ask for anything more?

The full English dub trailer comes via IGN below, or you can watch the Japanese version over on YouTube. The movie itself comes out in January.


    We all know the good guys win. They always do right?

      The last few movies haven't really followed that philosophy;
      In BoG Goku lost against Beerus who later admitted to barely even trying but I guess you could call it a win as they changed his mind about destroying the planet (for the moment anyway). RoF was similar, although Goku/Vegeta beat Frieza, he arguably won by blowing up Earth. Some time-travel deus-ex-machina saved the day though.

      If you include the DBS anime too things haven't gone that way everytime;
      In the Trunks/Black arc, the arc ended with Trunks' entire timeline (including all the humans he'd been fighting to save) being erased from existance. The heroes survived so I guess you could call that a win but it's not really...

        Interesting. I stopped watching after GT. Thanks for the catchup :p

    I'm really liking how the the animation looks on this. The linework resembles the manga. Some of the newer Dragon Ball stuff has been looking too uniform and glossy for my tastes.

    I'm digging the new look for Paragus. Broly's new design I'm on the fence about.

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