Fan Recreates The Most Emotional Moment In Cinema History In Fortnite Tribute

Reddit user WintrrShadow has memorialised the the recent map and gear changes in Fortnite by editing a video to the style and tone of the final scene of Furious 7. 

The ending of Furious 7 is, as far as I am concerned, the most emotional moment in cinema history. Actor Paul Walker tragically died while the film was shooting, and the final scene of the film is a truly bizarre meta-moment where Vin Diesel stands in for the audience and a digitally recreated Walker looks directly into the camera and basically tells us it will all be OK.

I cried when I saw it the first time, and I want to cry every time I think about it.

WinterrShadow’s recreation of that scene depends heavily on Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again,” a song that sells that final scene of Furious 7 so hard that you know you’re going to cry before as soon as the piano kicks in.

I don’t think I’m ever going to be emotional about changes in Fortnite, but I salute the effort.


    I enjoyed the hyperbole in the title of the article.

      I just came to post the same thing.

      So... you're saying that for you, that this isn't the most emotional moment in cinema history?

      [In all seriousness, this would be up there for most unexpectedly emotional moment.... For all of it's cheesiness and bro-fisted, over-the-top action these movies contain, this scene did hit me in the feels a surprising amount]

        In the entirety of cinematic history? No effing chance. Before you ask, no I don't know what mine is right now, I'm in sardine mode on a Sydney train and trying to hold a fart in. But I can certainly tell you it is definitely not from a fast and furious movie.

    It's a weird, 4th wall breaking tribute to a popular actor, mostly unrelated to the events of the film it's in, set to an overly triumphant sounding commercial tune with on the nose lyrics. It's still emotional, sure, but 'Most emotional moment in cinema history' is ridiculously hyperbolic.

      To long times fans of both the series and Paul himself its easily the most emotional moment.

        Fair enough, each to their own I suppose. But like, in all of cinema history? That's a fairly large pool to be drawing from. I get that fans of the films/Paul Walker specifically would be well chuffed, but that seems like more of a fandom thing to me rather than a 'best moment in cinema' one.

          As i said above. To some it is, To some it isnt. There is no definitive "Most emotional moment" in cinema history because its a subjective thing. You can't quantify emotional reactions to something. So obviously to the author, This moment to him is what he described it as.

            Yep. No such thing as an objective review. Author's opinion is their own. All good.

            'Most emotional' then seems to me like even more of an odd choice for a title. If the story is heavily subjective, or if that epithet applies primarily to long term fans of either Paul Walker or the franchise as opposed to more generally, probably best to reflect that in the headline.

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