Gucci Is Here For The 1990s Console War Veterans

Gucci’s new Rhyton sneakers have been designed to do two things: Cost a lot of money and inflict visual trauma on survivors of the first great console wars.

The company’s subtle branding (I don’t know if you’ve noticed it) on the side of the shoe is written in Sega’s trademark font, while bearing the colours and oval racetrack of their former rivals Nintendo.

I don’t care if the two companies are friends now, this ain’t right to look at.

This kind of console war veteran disrespect doesn’t come cheap: These are £670 ($1199), so on the bright side it isn't as though you’re going to have to be confronting them on your daily commute.


    Show some goddamn respect, you animals. Do you know how many 1-UPs were thrown away so that you could even HAVE sneakers?

    "We need you to design a new pair of sneakers."
    "Ok. How long do I have?"
    *looks at watch* "6 seconds".

    You want 90's nostalgia and I'll slap a 'cops are tops' sticker on the side of a pair of clarks for $999

    They're ugly & it's Gucci, so yeah thats a no for me dawg.

    Bet Toby Mitchell is already in line!

    how is this work over $1000? like who would actually wear those?

      commenting to myself because fuck edit mod time.


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