Here's A Proper Look At A Mission In Anthem

At E3 last month, publisher Electronic Arts showed an abridged version of Anthem, saving the full demo for behind closed doors. Now you can finally see it all.

BioWare’s upcoming online shooter, which comes out February 22 for PC, Xbox and PlayStation, feels great to play.

You probably can’t discern that from this new 20-minute video, unless you plug a controller into your computer and play pretend, but at least you can get a proper look at what missions will be like.

There’s no real sense of how the story will look — or how Anthem will avoid many of the narrative pitfalls that Destiny walked into — but hey, they have time.


    Looks brilliant and tons of fun. Count me in.

    The more I see of this game, the more I'm looking forward to it.

    I really wish they'd show some of the general gameplay from one of the other frame- ah, *javelins*... that colossus just looks so slow. The boss fight looks neat, tho.

      EA would argue the "reveal trailer" was gameplay of another frame.

      I agree, I'd love to see a general trailer about each Javelin showcasing their abilities.

    It looks awesome. But I still think the damange numbers which pop up when you shoot enemies are just way too big and intrusive... Blocks your entire view of what you're shooting at.

      They are insanely big. That's way too much.

        One of the bioware guys tweeted in think mark darrah an image of the option to switch off the dmg numbers. It also had to option to adjust the size and opacity of the numbers shown

    Man this game looks great.

    I think it will be a great blast with some mates.

    keeps reminding me of Destiny 2... with mech suits

    which to be fair isn't necessary bad

      Definitely not! I'm hoping they don't pull a Bungie and screw it up by ignoring the community.

        or make boneheaded micro transaction decisions

        (which to their credit they said they won't be doing)

          Look, I'm all for MTs in a game, as long as I'm given the option to use earned currency instead and it doesn't affect gameplay.

          Hopefully not, esspecially not now that I can see there is some neat customisation in there with the two Colossus Javelins.

    Awesome, I watched the whole thing and I'm super impressed! The sound design and music is so punchy and the gameplay really looks like tons of fun. Considering there is not much like this on PC, I'm really looking forward to this!

    So it's Monster Hunter, in mechs, with Borderlands numbers and loot? But even more arcadey than either?
    I'm sticking with Destiny.

    At least the Colossus looks like it can handle the kind of damage I wish a Titan could.

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