Anthem Launches February 22

Anthem will launch simultaneously on PC, PS4 and Xbox One next February 22, EA announced at its EA Play conference today.

The game will be playable solo or in co-op, although every player will be affected by the same multiplayer world according to a Q&A developer chat. The devs added that your home base will be a singleplayer instance, and that Anthem will have no lootboxes or "ability to spend money on gameplay advantage in Anthem".

Here's a bunch of snaps shown during the game, from gameplay to concept art:


    Delays and/or busted game at release incoming.........

      yeah what they showed at the conference looks so similar to what they showed the year before I was certain right up until I saw this release date we were looking at late 2019 at best. It just doesn't look like they've got that much done yet.

    Well I for one am all aboard the hype train.

    Will be waiting a year to see how they perform as a "games as service", find out how they perform and what direction they are taking the title. How they treat the community, and the game itself.

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