Panties Censored In Nintendo Switch eShop Art

Screenshot: Nintendo

When mahjong game Taisen Hot Gimmick: Cosplay-Jan for Nintendo Switch was first revealed, the game’s official art featured a woman showing her panties. Now it does not.

Here is the original art for the eShop game. The photo, via 4Gamer, shows how it appeared on Nintendo’s eShop in Japan.

Screenshot,Screenshot: Nintendo

Maybe Japanese websites and blogs covered this revealing eShop art.

As pointed out by Barukanlog, below is the current art. Note that the woman’s face has been altered as well.

Screenshot: Nintendo

Developed by Psikyo, Taisen Hot Gimmick first hit Japanese arcades in 1997.

It later got an adults-only PC release that wasn’t pornographic but did feature some anime nudity and fan service. Taisen Hot Gimmick also got a PlayStation 2 port.

The Switch download port is rated CERO D, which is 17 years old and up. It looks as though Nintendo thought the game’s eShop art should be toned down.

Taisen Hot Gimmick: Cosplay-Jan was released on July 5.


    Why would you try and make mahjong "sexy" in the first place, what's next strip chess... Wait probably already exists somewhere, Rule 34 and all that.

      I remember years ago seeing an advert somewhere for a chess PC game where the pieces were people and would fuck when capturing a piece :/

        That actually sounds like it could make me give a damn about chess.

      There's a, uh, long history of hentai mahjongg games that goes all the way back to the 1980s. An alarming number of them are emulated in MAME too, if you, uh, want to research the history of them.

        Hey its for posterity and preserving arcade history! =P

      Strip Mahjong was the asian equivalent of Strip Poker . So think of it in those terms

      The list of adult only mahjong roms for MAME are a testament to this golden age when arcades in asia had these adult mahjong games! Inagine that Street Fighter vs Xmen on one side and Strip Mhjong next to it! =P

    "Woman" is a bit of stretch. Typical forJapan though.

    That was my impression too. Looks like a child below the age of consent in this country.

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