Some Great Cosplay From Japan Expo 2018

Last year, photographer (and games blogger) Stéphane You was kind enough to show us some of the cosplay that went down at one of Europe’s biggest nerd shows. He’s now done the same for this year’s show, so thanks Stéphane!

Below you’ll see some of the best cosplay photographs he captured during the event, which was held in Paris earlier this month. There are links to each cosplayer’s portfolio/site under each image.

And you can see more of Stéphane’s work at his Facebook page.

Cosplay by Nuno & Medusa
Cosplay by Reaver
Cosplay by Armorum & Eos
Cosplay by Nuna
Cosplay by Lily & Shinosan
Cosplay by Sikay
COsplay by Corneline
Cosplay by Ally Bee
Cosplay by Vixann
Cosplay by Lena Dakota
Cosplay by MetalGuire
Cosplay by Ayanna Workshop
Cosplay by Aluota, Nereide & Ally Bee



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