Survival Game Granny Delights Folks In Japan

Screenshot: pontasan387957

This is Sachie, the owner of Kisaburou Field, a survival game battlefield in Miyazaki, Japan. The 76-year-old has been posing with airguns to the delight of people online in Japan.

According to IT Media, Sachie's photos have been causing a sensation with survival game players and the number of visitors to her field has gone up.

Don't expect her to see her in battle as she only runs Kisaburou Field and poses with airguns, but doesn't actually enter the fray.

Which works like this.

OK, not really, but people, of course, find her photos charming.


    You guys need to fix your CMS backend because pictures from tweets do not show up. All you see is some grey boxes with the tweet.

    On topic. This granny is amazing.

    This lady is my new Grandma plz :) i love how most of those guns are taller than her by a large ammount haha.

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