The Director Of Venom Explains How The Film Gets Around Spider-Man

Video: When comic book fans think “Venom”, they automatically think “Spider-Man”. That isn’t just because Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most famous villains, it’s also because his comic book origins are tied directly to those of Spider-Man.

However, in Sony’s upcoming movie Venom, the villain is on his own — and we asked the director how that was going to work.

We spoke to director Ruben Fleischer at San Diego Comic-Con about how the focus of Venom is, well, Venom.

“We just focused on making the best Venom movie that we could possibly make and tried to be true to the nature of Venom in the comics”, Fleischer said. “As far as the origin, that’s already been portrayed on screen before and so we wanted to make a new movie with an original story”.

Fleischer also told us which comic book runs most influenced the film (Lethal Protector, Planet of the Symbiotes) as well as movies (An American Werewolf in London). Watch it above and read more about what happened Venom-wise at Comic-Con here.


  • Why do the people behind this film try and pretend like it’s anything else but a shameless attempt to cash in on the marvel success of Tom Holland’s spider man. Go watch the Kevin feige reaction video of when the idiot woman from Sony tries to say they’ll be sort of connected to the mcu. The confusion and worry on his face is priceless

    • Amy Pascal doesn’t work for Sony anymore. If anything i’m all for Sony and Fox taking on the darker tones of comics. I enjoy the fun brighter side of marvel, but I really just want to see gritty dark stories now that are more visceral. Gonna wait and see for myself how Venom is when it’s released instead of judging first.

      • As the person below mentioned, it’s time for Sony to release the reigns back to Marvel.

        Marvel understands their property better than anyone else. I trust that if they had the rights to a Venom movie or him as a villain to Spidey, they’d do it right.

        They’re in the process (or have already) of getting Xmen/Fan 4/Deadpool etc back. And I’ve heard rumour that if they got Deadpool back, they’d be happy to put him into the Marvel universe as is.

        Also as the DC movies have shown, just because it’s a darker tone, doesn’t mean it’s automatically good. F*** BATMAN!

        • If Sony keeps blocking Marvel consolidation, maybe they’ll get bought by Disney like Fox. 😉

          • I had that same thought a couple of weeks ago 🙂

            Mickey Mouse: “Whats happening with our Spiderman rights?”

            Faceless Exec: “Sony is trying to play hardball, and wont release him to us, just rent him out”

            Mickey Mouse: “Screw em, buy em out. Shouldn’t cost more than $100b, we can afford that.”

      • I don’t have a problem with darker, grittier movies when the characters suit them (Logan is a great example of this). But I’m concerned when the main character in this is intrinsically linked to Spider-man yet we’re just kinda ignoring that. From what I read the symbiote isn’t from outer space it’s created in a lab.

        It’s no wonder the Marvel guys are a bit less than impressed. They’ve worked out a good deal that seems to be working with Spidey and the other MCU characters now Sony are saying “Hey your canon, fuck it! We don’t care.”

        I really think they should have done it right and reintroduced Venom as a Spider-man character then spun him off into his own movie. As it stands it looks like we’ve got a pseudo Venom with a different origin, no relationship to Spider-man for either the Symbiote or Eddie Brock. Shit, at that point name it something else because it’s no longer Venom.

        • I saw a trailer for Venom a couple of weeks ago when I saw JW: FK in the cinema. Didn’t even know it was the Venom movie until the final shot of the trailer…until that point it just looked like a generic kind of science fiction/experiment gone wrong/government conspiracy type of movie.

          • That sounds like the one I saw too. Made me want to throw popcorn at the screen.

  • I do find it a little conflicting to have it uncoupled from the Spider-Man mythos.
    It was a such a huge part of it and represents some of my fondest memories of comics from that era, but I can also see that Venom as a character has become strong enough to stand alone if done right.

    I’m super keen and excited to see where this is all going, just a little sad nobody ever found the perfect recipe to give Spidey and Venom the same epic history in movie form.

    • You’re more optimistic than me. I mean, no matter how much Venom develops as a character, he looks like evil Spider-Man. If they take him too far away from looking like Spidey, we end up with a generic alien. So, there’s not a lot of leeway here. :/

    • I’m split. On one hand, Venom has definitely been tied to Spiderman way to long to disconnect them, but on the other hand, he’s had his own run in comics as an antihero as well.

      Theres no reason he cant survive as a standalone product, but ignoring the origins with Spidey is just commercial suicide to me. There has to be SOME link back to the Spider-verse, or the fans they’re trying to attract will just turn away.

      • Well said, I can’t agree more. Venom-verse was great, so was Venom Space Knight and the various symbiote related adventures (Carnage for example). The character can certainly carry it’s own stories. But to ignore the Spider-man related origin is a terrible idea.

        They don’t have to do secret wars but it’s needs to be tied to spidey somehow. Not just for the venom and Eddie Brock characters but for the development of spider as a character too.

        • Was it secret wars that tied Venom to Deadpool as well? That’d be a pretty meta story to tell, given how the rights have split over the years 🙂

          • Yeah Deadpool Secret-Secret Wars (or something like that) retconned him into it. Although it’s hard to tell whether the story was meant to be canon or just Deadpool being Deadpool and talking crap 😛

          • Yeah, could be DP just 4th walling. More reflecting on how tieing him in means Venom can straddle Sony, Fox, and Disney/Marvel rights if everyone could work together. Obv not happening though.

  • Sony does the right thing and lets Spidey loose in the MCU… but they couldn’t help themselves and here is Venom. Right back to Sony being Sony.

    Just hand the reigns over already.

    • I want this to bomb so fucking bad that Sony give up. They’ve made their money and then some from the original purchase. And they’ll make a bucketload selling it back as well as get some good faith back from the public.

      • I’d love for it to succeed, but would much rather see it within the confines of the MCU. Which making it work would be questionable, but if they venture into little side projects that are within the universe but have no effect on it, could be doable.

        No faith though with their track record though. Sure the first two Spidey films weren’t too bad, but managing what they did with the Fantastic Four… especially the re-boot of it. Sell it off, you tried.

        Hell, do what you did with Spider-Man and let the MCU use it and take some of the revenue earned.

        • Sony wan’t the F4, that was Fox. And Fox have sold it back thank god (or at least in the final stages of selling it back). Sony’s film division has gone to crap in the last few years. Things like the Emoji movie and other random pieces of crap.

          • It’s more that Disney have actually acquired Fox now, including the Marvel properties Fox had (F4, X-men, Deadpool, etc).

      • What I heard is that Sony are in a position though where they need to keep churning movies out or they will lose the license. That’s why we had the Spider-man reboot movies a few years ago and now why we have this. They need to use the license or lose it, basically. Unsure how much of that is true but it would definitely explain why this movie is a thing.

        • Yeah that’s 100% what their agreement is. And it shows through the pile of crap their churning out. They had a plan before to try and make a spidey universe with individual spiderman bad guys and even Aunt May getting their own movies. It’s painful to see them butcher the license.

    • So what would you consider a reasonable price for Disney to buy back the rights?

      Remember that when Sony and Fox bought their film rights, Marvel was recovering from bankruptcy. As well as giving Marvel a much needed cash infusion, they also paved the way for big budget super hero films.

      Do you think Marvel would have been able to secure the funding to start the MCU without the proven success of the X-Men and Spider-Man franchises? So now that Marvel has benefited from Sony’s investment in the franchise, why should Sony simply give it back?

      • agreed. thought marvel would do it better, alas I’m pretty much burnt out on marvel super heroes and star wars so I’m not to perturbed.

  • So basically someone else did Venom’s origin on film, so this other director is going to go and do something different thus further separating this movie version of the character from its original comics version.

    I was already skeptical about this movie to begin with. Now the red flags are fully up.

    You cannot have Venom without Spider-Man. The two are inextricably linked.

    You can have the Klyntar (the alien race that Venom’s symbiote is from), but you cannot have Venom himself.

    To make a solo Venom movie without any connection to Spider-Man is folly of the highest order.

    • The only way I could see it working would be for them to reference Spider-man (even if he’s not actually in the movie). Come out and talk about how the symbiote had been attached to him in the past. So in effect set it at some point in the MCU’s “future”.

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