The One Piece Manga Is 80 Per Cent Finished, Says Eiichiro Oda 

Illustration: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha,Illustration: Hello One Piece

The One Piece manga debuted way back in 1997. That was over 20 years ago. Wonder how much more story is left? Twenty per cent, it seems.

In an interview with Yomiuri, Oda was asked about how the story has gotten so long. “It’s because the characters are acting on their own,” Oda explained.

“It’s taken 20 years and the story has arrived at the 80 percentage point, but there’s still has nine members [in the crew].”

However, in another interview in the latest Weekly Jump, Oda also talked about when One Piece will end.

“If the time for One Piece to end comes, I don’t want to hear the editorial department say, ‘Please continue doing it longer.’ My ending [One Piece] is as I please.”

According to Get News, Oda then said, “Well... it’s not ending [now], however. Because there’s more story to come.”

Back in 2016, Oda was quoted as saying that One Piece was around 65 per cent finished in 2016. Though, he also said that it was 60 per cent done in 2012.

This last 20 per cent could take a long time.


    I can imagine it now. 10 years later, the number is revised to 80.5%.

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