Welp, Looks Like DC Comics Spoiled Batman And Catwoman’s Wedding In The New York Times

Welp, Looks Like DC Comics Spoiled Batman And Catwoman’s Wedding In The New York Times

If you’re invested in Batman’s romantic life, you might want to steer clear of the paper of record today.

From happier times, the best double date in super-history. Image: DC Comics

Welp, Looks Like DC Comics Spoiled Batman And Catwoman’s Wedding In The New York Times

Today, The New York Times ran a story called “It Just Wasn’t Meant to Be, Batman” which is about the upcoming Batman #50, due out this week with writing by Tom King and art by Mikel Janin, colours by June Chung, and lettering by Clayton Cowles, along with a bevy of guest artists.

In it, the article reveals what the headline makes pretty clear: Batman isn’t getting married this week. Batman and Catwoman, the legendary hero/anti-villain pairing, is not meant to be. At least not in the canon DC Universe, that is.

This stings. It’s normal for Marvel and DC to occasionally spoil big events beforehand, publicising matters such as Peter Parker’s death in the Marvel Ultimate universe way back in the day, in the hopes of driving up sales to events based on the dramatic power of their conclusions.

But this still feels like a bit of a gut punch, not only because it’s a pretty downer ending, but because it undercuts 50 issues of buildup and narrative tension. And for the most disappointing, uneventful ending possible. The status quo is maintained. Nothing changes, no one grows. Comics, everybody!

Batman #50 might be a good comic. It might be a great comic. But I am suddenly much less interested in reading it. Rough.

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  • Only Grant Morrison had the power to build on Batman’s legacy in the modern era. This was so expected and planned. The only long letting implication now is that the Batman/Catwoman romantic tension has been tapped out for good. Which is a shame because his other romantic partners (generally heiress types) SUCK and bring nothing other than the serving the purpose to remind you Batman is straight.

  • I started getting back into Batman comics with Tom Kings run and I’ve just complety lost interest. I wasn’t expecting much from this marriage story line

  • It’s almost like there are these golden rules when writing Superhero books:

    1. Marriages are not allowed as they don’t appeal to our perceived fanbase (Teenagers)
    2. Batman cannot be happy… ever!
    3. Peter Parker cannot be successful at anything… ever!
    4. No one can remain dead forever
    5. Event comics sell, as do relaunches: So do them all the time
    6. Unless it’s done in a manner that insults readers, DO NOT evolve a character at all.
    7. Replacing characters with a gender-swapped/race swapped version is a GREAT idea no matter how many books that idea has cancelled.
    8. Cancel She-Hulk/Black Panther/Ghost Rider no matter how good it gets.

    • Other than Luke Cage/Jessica Jones, has there been a marriage that’s actually stuck?

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