An FPS That’s Trying To Out-Battlefield Battlefield

An FPS That’s Trying To Out-Battlefield Battlefield

There’s been a string of more realistic shooters in the last couple of months, but none of them have tried to, well, out-Battlefield Battlefield.

That’s more or less what World War 3 is trying to do. It’s a military FPS with an aesthetic that’s got echoes of Battlefield 4, if DICE had tried to go a little more futuristic with some of the HUD elements.

It seriously looks like the dev’s mission statement was to remake Battlefield. Because apart from the animations, which obviously don’t have the same level of refinement as what DICE are able to produce, that’s the kind of experience WW3 is aiming for.

It’s made by The Farm 51, the same studio behind GET EVEN, Deadfall Adventures and Necrovision. There’s not a huge amount of parallels between any of those games and the large-scale firefights of Battlefield, but as the trailer shows, that doesn’t seem to have been a problem.

World War 3 launches in early access this spring. There’s a suite of interesting concepts raised, like an overarching metagame where each battle feeds into a larger, interactive battle map. Head to the Steam page to find out more.


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