Cardboard Spray For Nintendo Labo

This has to be one of the most unusual third-party items ever released for a Nintendo product. Makes sense because Nintendo Labo is hardly typical.

As Bakulog points out, this is Cardboard Coating Spray, which coats cardboard from hand sweat, oil and grime.

Priced at ¥1706 ($20.56), there is apparently enough spray for 10 pieces worth of Labo cardboard.

No, really. This exists.


    Would a coating of PVA glue not do the same thing?

      Sure, but I imagine it'd be easier to apply a thin coat of a spray than to similarly spread out a layer of glue.

        You can just water it down and put it in a spray bottle if you really have to. Way cheaper than this

    According to the Japanese Amazon listing, it's just Water-based acrylic paint.

    A solution to a problem that could have easily not existed in the first place.

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