Castlevania's Simon And Richter Belmont Join Smash Bros Ultimate

Simon Belmont, the star of Castlevania, hasn’t had his own game in a while, but he is coming to Super Smash Bros. So is his descendant, Richter Belmont.

The whip-wielding vampire slayers will join the newest Smash when it comes to Switch this December. They’ll bring with them a stage based on Dracula’s Castle, complete with monsters and 34 (!) music tracks from the longrunning Konami series. Every once in a while, Nintendo says, Dracula will pop up. “Under what conditions will he appear? Time will tell.”

Simon and Richter are echo fighters—they both have the same whip-based moves and techniques. Castlevania antihero Alucard also joins the game as an Assist Trophy.


    Although I'm not a huge a Castlevania fan I'm excited and I definitely can't wait to play as Simon and Richter Belmont and that new fighting stage Dracula's Castle and beating the hell out of Dracula himself who was reborn 100 years later in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate so it will definitely not be halloween when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in December. But again I am excited and can't wait to play as Simon and Richter Belmont from the Castlevania series.

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