Happy Father's Day, Here's A Free (Video Game) Chainsword

It's Father's Day this weekend! And what better way to celebrate Dad than giving him a giant tool. To hammer Orks with.

Relic's third-person ground pound simulator, which is still mightily entertaining seven years after release, is being made available for free through Humble Bundle over the next day and a half. There is a catch - you'll have to sign up to their newsletter, but once you've signed up you'll be emailed the key straight away, and then you can stay subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter afterwards. Easy.

As far as "I want to turn my brain off and just carve through a bunch of things" video games go, Space Marine is still plenty of fun. Duck on over to Humble Bundle to get your Dad (or yourself) a key now. Just note that you'll need to redeem it into your Steam account in the next 30 or so hours; the keys will expire if you haven't redeemed them by then.


    HA! I'm getting a warhammer 40k starter set funnily enough.
    Looking forward to having my space marines look awesome when the kids "help" me paint them.

      Excellent. Good time to be in it, current edition is great and kill team is going gangbusters.

        I've never dabbled before mate - I'm more interested in the painting side than the playing but can see myself getting into it with the young bloke.

          I've got a collection of 40k Orks that I've put together and painted, but I've never played the TT game. I got into 40k playing Dawn of War but I've never been interested in actually playing the TT game - looks way too complicated lol. I'll stick to 40k video games.

            It's pretty streamlined now and it's a great way to socialise.

            Check out KillTeam. That's how a bunch of my mates got back into the scene.

        Just as a PSA to any Warhammer enthusiasts out there- Don't bother going to their premium miniature website Forge World. They jacked up their already ludicrous prices overnight for non UK customers. Some models have had up to a 38% price hike. A Warlord Titan (as a worst case example) went from a disgusting $2300aud to a jaw dropping $3000! RIP my idea of starting a 30k army.

          Wow, that's messed up. So frustrating that we get kicked around with pricing as usual.

          Yeah, it's mental.

          I was looking at the Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought before the huge price hike.

          Luckily, I found a re-caster on alibaba who does amazing work.

    Happy Father's Day, Here's A Free (Video Game) ChainsawUm, actually that's a chainsword. Completely different things. ^_-

      One is an effective tool for clearing trash and removing obstacles. The other is a chainsaw.

    Started an AdMech army recently. Then switched to Custodes. Now Orks.

    Now, somehow, I'm collecting and painting 3 armies at once.

    Also... this game is straight-up amazing. If you haven't played it, sign-up for the newsletter and get it now.

    Woot, thanks for the tip. Played the demo ages ago and loved it but never got around to buying it.

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