Here’s A Very Good Translucent Xbox Controller

Here’s A Very Good Translucent Xbox Controller

Nintendo’s Pro Controller is one of my favourite gamepads, so it’s nice to see Microsoft are doing something similar with their gamepad.

The Phantom Black Special Edition is basically a translucent – well, almost translucent – version of the stock Xbox One controller. It’s also got a nice gradient on the front, where the controller becomes more and more opaque as it gets to the bottom.

As you can see, the back of the controller is only translucent on the sides. That said, you can see the back appears to have the slightly textured rubber that shipped with the Xbox One S controllers.

If you’re interested, you can grab the Phantom Black from the Microsoft Store for $99.95. It’ll be available from September 11.


  • I see loads of love for the Switch Pro Controller – do people really love it that much? I’ve got one, think it’s perfectly good & a huge upgrade on the joycons etc, but better than the stock One controller (let alone the elite!)? Not in a million for me…?

    I digress, know it’s a very particular/personal thing – i still think the 360 controller was best (wish they’d make an elite of that!), with the gamecube a second and special mention for the d-pad on the stock saturn controller if you wanna see how bizarre my taste in controllers is! ????

    • I reckon the Xbox One and Switch Pro Controllers are of similar quality and both are awesome, way better than anything Sony has done.

      I do love the rumble triggers in the Xbox One controller, they’re awesome in driving and shooting games.

      I’d love to use an Elite, but I already have 4 Xbone controllers and I know if I do I won’t be able to go back….

    • I thought I liked the Xbone controller (and rumble triggers are kinda cool) but once I got the Switch pro it was like I suddenly realised how uncomfortable and bulky it is. It’s a well-made controller, but could be shaped a little better and the buttons don’t feel the greatest.

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