I'm Supercars Driver Richie Stanaway, And This Is How I Work

A short while ago we had a brief chat with Richie Stanaway, a current Virgin Australia Supercars Championship driver who was inspired by the early Codemasters and simracing games. But what does the workday of a Supercars driver actually look like?

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Where are you currently based? Between Melbourne and Auckland.

What's one word that best describes your work ethic? Obsessive

What's your current mobile phone, and your current computer? An iPhone X. As for the PC: Intel i7 8700k GTX 1080 build in an InWin infinity case. ROG Claymore, Corsair Sabre RGB, dual monitor setup with an ASUS PG258Q 240hz as main.

Setup is used as my main workstation & currently mostly playing CS:GO. Laptop: Macbook pro 15".

What does a typical workday look like? Running through my Wunderlist objectives, working out at the gym and gaming if i get time.

What gadgets, apps or tools can't you live without? Wunderlist, Reddit, My phone and of course my main PC rig.

What's the workflow of a practice day, a race day, and in between races like? Practice and race days we spend the bulk of our time with engineering staff on discussing which tuning work needs to be done and how as well as providing as much information as possible to help best guide new future hardware and software development on the cars.

You also analyse where to change and optimise your driving inputs by overlaying data traces with your team mates from various channels which is streamed and recorded by the car’s ECU & CPU which is then stored on an SD card.

We also mix it in with public appearances, trying to entertain any guests or of course trying to use any spare time to relax. In between races I just work as much as possible, train in the gym and game as much as I can and of course spend time with my girlfriend, friends and family.

What's your favorite shortcut or lifehack? Good quality sleep, caffeine and Wunderlist.

Do you have any unusual processes or a special regimen you go through as part of being a Supercars driver? Nope, no superstitions, I like to just have a clear head & focus on what’s important to do what I need to do.


    I'm expecting to see a Wunderlist sticker on the car next race weekend.

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