AU Diary: V8 Supercars In Forza 3 Confirmed?

v8-supercars-logoTwo weeks back we were sent a pic that seemed to suggest the upcoming Forza Motorsport 3 would feature at least one V8 Supercar, the Team Vodafone car of Jamie Whincup. Looks like there's more to it than that.

Today I was invited to a press conference hosted by Xbox and V8 Supercars Australia "where they are set to announce a new and exciting partnership between the two organisations."

The invite continues: "A number of V8 Supercar teams will be represented at the event, where Xbox will also be showcasing the new racing title Forza Motorsport 3."

V8 drivers Mark Winterbottom (Ford Performance Racing), Garth Tander (Toll Holden Racing Team), Lee Holdsworth (Garry Rogers Motorsport), Michael Caruso (Garry Rogers Motorsport) and Shane van Gisbergen (Stone Brothers Racing) will be present.

So, what to conclude from all this? I know it's not exactly confirmation, but I reckon there might be some V8 Supercars in Forza 3. Just a hunch...


    I'm not much of a V8 fan, but I know this will mean good news to those who are.

      Not really, the toca V8 games were multiplat..

        I wouldn't really see that as being a drawback. You could just play with your xbox 360 controller like some did with toca.

        I played it with a keyboard, but i know some people who used the controller. And if you have a 360 like i do, you shouldn't really have a problem.

    Well it certainly seems like there will be some V8 in there, even more reason for me to go out and get the game.

    Lets hope there's a full grid and not just 8-10 cars on the track

      Who cares if it's 4 Sounds awesome!

    My local Gametraders store is taking preorders for the standard edition of Forza 3 for 78 bucks, ditto for ODST.

    Forza is really shaping up to be something special.

    Check the xbox site; there are heaps of screenshots of V8s. Got one as my background at the moment :)

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