Rumour: Forza 3 Has V8 Supercars?

forza-3-team-vodafoneWe've seen loads of cars announced for Forza Motorsport 3. But none of them were V8 Supercars. So we're not quite sure what to make of this image.

An anonymous tipster emailed us the above pic which heavily suggests that Forza 3 will indeed feature at least one V8 Supercar, the Team Vodafone Ford Falcon. It says Whincup on the side, too.


I know this could possibly be done in Forza 2's editing suite. I don't know enough about the differences between Forza 2 and 3 to spot any inconsistencies. Or it could be a mock-up that's been leaked.

I've contacted Microsoft for comment.

But if true, does it make you any more interested in the Xbox 360's anwer to Gran Turismo? Especially since Codemasters seems to have packed in its dedicated V8 games.


    This would please many Australians if true but to they would have to include a holden to avoid splitting the community.

      This could not have been done in Forza 2. You aren't able to put graphics on the headlights like is shown here. I hope they have a street model falcon.

    I'm excited regardless. I think this is going to shit on Gran Turismo, I really do.

    Surprising, hopefully its true.

    As far as I know there weren't any ford falcons in forza 2.

    I really hope this is true, that'd be awesome. Have always wants to race more Australian tracks 2.

    Race Driver: GRID is set to have an australian update with the V8 supercars and Bathurst this year, could have come from that update?

      I was thinking this too, that it may be from a new Racedriver game (GRiD2?), but I then noticed that there is the Forza 3 logo on the wall in the background.

    Well it definitely wasn't done in Forza 2, the wall behind the Falcon has the Forza 3 logo on it :)

    It has got the Forza Motorsport 3 logo in the background, behind the fence, doesn't look fake to me, so i would say its genuine.

    If Bathurst is one of the tracks, then I'm in!

    Dont know about you guys, but this is from the Forza website and in the 4th pic the front of the red car looks like a Commodore

      Certainly has a slight resemblance.
      I'll be pretty happy if Bathurst is in.

        the red car is a pontiac (read further down) and is based on the holden

      Yeah looks like an SS as mentioned. I really hoped that Gran Turismo would get licenses to get Holden/Ford in there oh well.

      At least it has Nissans in there

        Oops didn't scroll down, it's a rebadged Commodore (Pontiac G8?), silly me

    There is a Saying in our house.
    V8 Supercars is like watching 2 spastics battle it out for last place in a spastics race.
    I could care less about Ford/Holden.

    That's great Darkwolfhound and you're entitled to your opinion, but the inclusion if true would please many people in this country so on that ground alone it's a welcome addition.

    Personally, while I like the idea of the car(s) possibly being included for this game, I'm hoping it's instead an indication that some Australian tracks are featured as well. The obvious choice would be Bathurst but we've got around 5 tracks that are internationally known, so any of those would be sweet.

    As for GRiD's Bathurst DLC, doesn't seem like that is happening anymore does it? Everything has gone quiet on that front...

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