Overwatch's Next Map Is Busan, And D.Va Gets An Animated Short

It doesn't flesh out Hana Song's backstory much, but at least the pro gamer's lore is getting some love.

Shooting Star is the latest Overwatch animated short, and after much delay, it's all about D.Va. The Korean mech pilot is largely pictured as a workaholic who shuns the spotlight, warning her friend that the spotlight is "overrated".

While we didn't get much more info about D.Va as a person, there was a little more insight in her part of the Overwatch world with the MEKA squad, with pilots such as D.Mon and King.

The info about MEKA helps tie into the base, which is one of the three levels making up the new control map, Busan. A walkthrough video of the upcoming map was released overnight, and you can check it out below.


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