Razer Announces Vibrating ‘HyperSense’ Nari Headphones

Razer Announces Vibrating ‘HyperSense’ Nari Headphones
Image: Razer

Razer makes a decent set of headphones, even when they’re based on a popular Overwatch character. The company has just added three new cans to its lineup, all under the “Nari” moniker. The selling feature? Vibration, Holmes.

The Nari comes in three flavours: the Ultimate, Essential and regular. All are wireless, and support THX Spatial Audio, which debuted with the Tournament Edition Kraken.

However, only the Ultimate packs what Razer’s calling “HyperSense”, a haptic feedback technology developed by the Germany-based Lofelt.

What is HyperSense? Razer’s press release doesn’t go into great detail, other than to say it “enables the headset to vibrate along with loud sounds to create a more immersive gaming experience”. Which sounds… kind of terrible?

I guess it’s something you have to experience to appreciate properly.

[Cue picture of a moody dude.]

Image: Razer

If you’re not keen on the vibration, you can just go with the regular Nari, which is otherwise identical to the Ultimate. So, you get the “innovative comfort technology”, a combination of “an auto-adjusting headband”, “swivelling ear cups” and “cooling gel ear cushions” for those with combustible lobes.

As for the Essential, it “focuses on core wireless gaming headset features”, which seems to include THX Spatial Audio and all the comfort stuff of the standard model.

Image: Razer

Right now, only the standard headset is available (Q4 2018 for the Ultimate and Essential), and only from Razer’s online store, with “full retail to follow”.

Regardless, here’s the Australian pricing for all three Naris:

  • Razer Nari Ultimate: $349.95
  • Razer Nari: $249.95
  • Razer Nari Essential $169.95

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Razer Nari [Razer]


  • Every dollar spent on gimmicks is a dollar not spent on audio quality. You’re better off buying headphones from an actual audio company, not a gaming company.

    • Yeah, this is 100% true especially as these seem to be marketed towards the everyday market rather than the gaming market. Yes, I do have a Tiamat 7.1 but it’s the only razer headset that I like mainly because it doesn’t have the bass above all else focus that is on every other pair they make. I will never give up my pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2 wireless headphones as they are godly for anything that isn’t gaming

  • These types of headphones, esp Beats and the like are a complete waste of cash and basically make those wearing them look gullible and more focussed on having some obnoxious brand label on their gear rather than having something which is good quality.
    I’ve bought 70 dollar headphones which outclass this shit.
    Do your research instead of copying what Instagram idiots do.

  • I was thinking the other day it would be interesting if VR headsets had haptics/vibrations in them. These could be fun to experiment with.

  • Beyerdynamic DT990 premium my gaming cans of choice. Huuuuuuuuge soundstage for immersive gaming.

    • Beyer is excellent. I have a T5p gen2 set that has phenomenally clean sound (and also a high price tag, but hey, everyone has a vice).

  • Yeah no.

    Ive tried headphones that intentionally vibrate and its a subpar experience. You just end up making your ears feel uncomfortable really quickly.

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