The Rat Game Is Making Me Puke

Medieval adventure game A Plague Tale: Innocence, which had one of the more memorable E3 trailers, now has some gameplay footage to go with the cinematics. If you do not like rats, please continue scrolling past this story.

Look at all these rats! Look where they came from! I already love this game. It’s gross without resorting to overt, shlocky nonsense. Like Dishonored, it knows where real fear comes from, and it comes from the squeaky shrill of thousands of little hairy skeletons desperate for brunch.

I will never look at a horse the same way ever again.

The game’s out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019.


    Rats are cute as heck (and yes, I've seen big packs of small-dog-sized dock rats and I still think they're cute) and I'm desensitised to violence from years of video games and I'm just not spooked by this in the slightest.

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