Watch 48 Minutes Of Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage 

Watch 48 Minutes Of Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage 

Two months after showing a behind-the-scenes demo of Cyberpunk 2077 to attendees at E3, developer CD Projekt Red has finally made that footage public.

You can watch the video, which shows 48 minutes of the upcoming role-playing game, right here (note that some parts may be NSFW):


  • Well that looks amazing. The first person view is a bit generic for me, but there’s enough there to definitely interest me. I like that it’s back by a pre-existing game system (which I know nothing about) – hopefully ensures lots of depth in all aspects of the game.

    However, looks like I’m going to have to finally buy a PS4 Pro … I can’t imagine it looks anything like that on a base PS4.

  • Yep, invested.
    Only gripe is the driving looked a little static and the epic sub machinegun was a little OP for my liking.
    Everything else was great. I’m going to enjoy taking that Militec harpy’s money and telling that gang all about her tainted credstick. Sure, it’ll probably cost me a little extra to get military grade upgrades on the black market rather than through her but so be it.

  • Ew damage counters and bullet sponges. It’s okay for swordfights but emptying a whole clip into someone and having them fully functional is a little silly. (I’ll still buy it though.)

    • I’m not a fan of floating numbers in first person shooters either but I can understand it in this setting because people have cybernetics that make them tougher and able to take bullet damage. It’s when they’re just regular joes like The Division when it really gets to me.

      • I can usually accept it in games like Destiny with imaginary weapons an aliens, but my biggest gripe with The Division was unloading clip after clip of 7.62 rounds in to a basic hoody wearing gang banger and doing piss all damage.

    • Like @dire_wolf said, this is one of the few settings where bullet-sponges make sense, with all the synthetic body-armour implants etc that folks might have, but it still irritates me no end. I don’t care so much about the numbers, but ‘time to kill’ is a factor.

      Gonna be suuuuuper annoyed if the game punishes stealth/headshot playstyle over emptying multiple clips into each enemy.

  • It’s everything I could’ve wanted in a futuristic FPS. *insert generic “Shut up and take my money” gif*

    Really it looks amazing and immersive, can’t wait to just absorb myself into the world. The last two Deus Ex games kind of scratched the itch but this is on another level.

  • watched 12 minutes of it, didn’t want to watch any more because it was kinda spoiling the start of the game which I rather PLAY then watch someone else narrate it to me like I’m retarded!

    • Well, it is still ages away, you’ll probably forget most of the details if you don’t watch it repeatedly.

      • Yeah decided to watch the rest after already hearing about the whole mission back at e3 time when it as talked about. Anyway, pretty cool, might need a IV drip for this one! (j/K).

        Also I find it hilarious people are calling 1st person generic given we live in a age flooded with 3rd person stuff!

        Also the car driving 1st person scene would be awesome with wide FOV VR!!!

    • Much like Witcher 3’s demo this mission most likely won’t be in the actual game. Feeling retarded ecause if a narrator during a walk-through is a bit sad for you though.

    • id suggest you watch it, as its a full on alpha build like the first showing of Witcher 3 which was completely diiferent storywise to release (Dykstra was the one who gave the quest for the griffon in the demo and it was the first quest in release at white orchard)

  • I hope we get an option to change the UI colour? Because that red was really annoying and hard to read.

    • Also i have colour perception issues. Which colour? Why red mainly. Put it on green and i’ll spend ages looking for it.

      • there was just something about that particular colour, the darkness of it and the lack of contrast of it against the dark of the footage. So that part where there was the big rectangle full of writing was just a chore to read.

        Dont get me wrong it is a nice red, but for me I would rather the light teal colour to be predominate colour and the red the accents.

  • Yeah it looks good. But the shooting looks like any other FPS and it feels like a cross between deus ex and GTA V.

    Also i was expecting a lot more with the graphics. It doesn’t feel like a leap forward at all. After all i’d heard about this game i was expecting more.

    • I agree that it doesn’t reflect a leap forward as great as what some journalists have been reporting. It still looks like it will be a great game and probably very fun but watching the footage it kind of struck me that this game has an impossible amount of expectation to live up to.

      • just like when we first found out that Witcher 3 would be open world and have next to no loading screens

  • So….where is this revolutionary stuff that most of the media have been crapping on about?

    To me it looks like a polished version of Deus Ex. The gunplay looks meh, the driving looks meh, so I’m failing to see what the hype is all about.

    • you do realise its about 2 years away? i’d say this is pretty alpha footage.
      i’d say the graphics are pretty next gen.. i can’t see this coming out on the current gen. too much going on.. i know this is probably rendered on some beast of a PC but yeah.. my ps4 pro would cry trying to play this.

      • The No Man’s Sky update causes my Pro to do its very best impression of a jet engine. I shudder to think of what 2077 will do to it. Kinda hoping that the next gen will be ready somewhere along the same time as Cyberpunk. Otherwise, might need to hold off until I have hardware that’s ready for it.

        • I’m just gonna PC this one. I love my console but they just can’t do justice to titles like this. My PC has the ultra-widescreen monitor, 5.1 sound speakers. A mouse.

          It’s just better. Even though I try not to game on it too much anymore.

          • Mine’s got a lot of grunt under the hood still, but my monitor’s really holding me back. Been hanging out for the perfect combo of refresh rate without sacrificing resolution… at a decent price. Was kind of hoping tech advances would force that last part but high fps + high res remains pretty expensive. 😛

          • It does…. partly why I’m waiting at least another year and a bit before I can upgrade. Sitting on a GTX 1080 now and I want to actually feel a big difference when I do move up. Hopefully 2nd generation of the new nvidia cards will be out and I can really max out my stuff.

            Monitors will always be expensive, but we expect them to last for years so it kinda makes sense.

  • I’m in. Looking forward to some good old 1st person RPG …. al la System Shock. It’s been a long time.

  • FPS… such a shame. I play RPGs for considered actions, planned encounters. Pausable real-time, turn based even, but relying on twitch gaming, that is a real buzz kill.

    I was hoping for some sort of cross between Shadowrun, or Pillars of Eternity and maybe Fallout, but this looks more GTA.

    It has gone from a ‘must buy’ to a ‘maybe not’

  • The world looks really cool, the gameplay looks kinda dull atm though. Still, considering CD Projeckt has stated the game isn’t even in Alpha yet, I’m none too worried.

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