Here’s 14 Minutes Of Fresh Cyberpunk 2077 Footage

Here’s 14 Minutes Of Fresh Cyberpunk 2077 Footage

CD Projekt Red promised to show off fresh Cyberpunk 2077 footage to the world post-Gamescom. This morning, that footage arrived.

If you’ve read any of the previews and interviews from Cologne over the last week, the footage pretty much covers what press played in those sessions. V, the game’s fluid protagonist, runs through the Pacifica markets and does a mission for the Voodoo Boys.

There’s a few minutes of going through other things you’ll find in CP2077, as well as more of the lore. You’ll hear about underground prize fights, illegal markets for cybermods, the futuristic equivalent of protein shakes for cyberised gym rats, and how the character customisation system and the body types, not genders, that you can pick from.

A full Q&A with the developers was also posted online this morning, which runs for just over an hour. You can view that below.


  • To say this looks incredible undersells how I feel about this. I’ve been playing the RPG ever since I was a kid. This, this is kinda overwhelming to see how well this has been done. I think I’m just so happy to see a dev who ‘got’ Cyberpunk so well 🙂 I’m glad it was CD Projekt Red who did this and not one of the major ‘cashcow’ companies like EA or Activision. This just looks like such a labor of love.

  • Wondering if this will release on next gen, kind of don’t want to play it on Xbox One if it’s going to come out looking loads better one the scarlet or whatever they call the next Xbox.

    Probably just play it twice, I know I won’t be able to wait.

    • Pretty sure CDPR has already said it will, but hey, if you have an X1X, I think it’ll look fine, and game looks pretty replayable anyway.

      • Yeah I’m sure they will release on next gennjust like GTA V did but last I heard they said they were focused on current generation consoles.

        Cyberpunk releases roughly six months before next generation consoles, even that’s too long for me to wait and I don’t think it’s will be a launch title so probably 12 months from current generation release date.

        I only played The Witcher 3 one time but that single playthrough was 200+ hours so I kind of want the best visual experience given a single playthrough could match The Witcher.

        • >I kind of want the best visual experience given a single playthrough could match The Witcher.

          Then why are you even talking about a console ;^)
          Embrace the dark side and build a PC.

          Next gen consoles will be what $600 or more. By that time you’ll be able to build/buy an equivalent PC (or better) for like $800-900 (a prebuilt around that spec went for $1100 a month ago, so in 1.5 years time it will easy be down a couple hundred $$). With the savings you get in some ways, using a PC can even out cost wise after a little while, plus you’ve had the benefit of choice.

          Marketing spiel over. you just sounded like you weren’t exactly struggling for money and thats the only reason to consider a console imo (low upfront especially when combined with good secondhand market)

          • There’s a few reasons why I won’t go PC.

            The temptation to go all out and spend 5k is really high and if I was going to go PC I would definitely make a go of it.

            I really never got the hang of keyboard and mouse, I know you can use a controller for a lot of games but they are usually optimised for keyboard and mouse.

            Space, I don’t have room for a proper PC set up and like I said I would go all out with a good chair, desk and whatnot.

            The console is used as a media player as well blue ray, Netflix and all that, it kind of fits well with the rest of the stuff in the living room, I could get a case that’s more aesthetically pleasing for the living room though.

            I’m just really comfortable using the console and PC’s get a little overwhelming with all the bells and whistles that you can attach.

            I had a high end PC about ten years ago went all out and it was great played a lot of games that weren’t on console, I upgraded a few things over time and I then did something wrong and fried the whole thing, kind of turned me off given it was 3k down the drain.

            But yeah it will look loads better on PC kind of wish you could upgrade the console like back in the Nintendo 64 days.

  • Super excited overall.
    Though gunplay looks thoroughly mediocre if im to be honest. But i guess im pretty spoiled on that front being a big destiny player. Also i guess its not always easy to tell from a video, so heres hoping it is better in person.
    Still as i say overall it looks like its gonna be great fun to playthrough, with a crazy amount of effort put in to every area.

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