Battlefield 5's Battle Royale Mode: 64 Players, 16 Teams

DICE has outlined some features of the upcoming battle royale mode in Battlefield 5, namely the player count and squad sizes.

In a video released overnight, DICE revealed that Firestorm would be the name for their battle royale mode. It'll support 64 players split into 16 squads of four, with a ring of fire functioning as the circle that battle royale games use to shrink the map.

The map will also feature "weaponry", destructible buildings and vehicles. The video also outlines details of BF5's other modes, maps, and new mechanics, including the ability for the engineer to build foxholes, fortifications and bridges.

The Battlefield 5 open beta began yesterday evening for those who pre-ordered or with an account with one of EA's subscription services. It opens up for all players tomorrow evening, and runs until September 11.


    Does anyone know what time tomorrow evening the beta goes live for the ones that didn’t pre ordered

    Sucks that they're not doing solos or duos.

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