Capcom Pulls Devil May Cry 5 Battle Theme After Allegations Surface About Lead Singer

Capcom Pulls Devil May Cry 5 Battle Theme After Allegations Surface About Lead Singer

Capcom has pulled a video showing off new music for Devil May Cry 5 by the deathcore band Suicide Silence after fans pointed out that the band’s lead singer had been accused last November of having an emotionally manipulative and sexually inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old fan.

The track Capcom collaborated with Suicide Silence on is called “Subhuman,” and it debuted in a music video depicting the band at Tokyo Game Show yesterday. Silicon Era reported that the song was intended to be protagonist Dante’s battle theme in Devil May Cry 5.

Some fans criticised the song itself on Twitter, ResetEra, and the game’s subreddit, and in these threads, a few commenters also pointed out that the Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida had been accused of preying on an underage fan.

Following these complaints, Capcom has pulled the video. The company told Kotaku in a statement that it won’t promote the song anymore and is still deciding how to move forward with regard to the music’s inclusion in the game itself:

“The music was recorded for the game before the incident came to light and we were unaware of the incident until now. However, as we are now aware of the current situation, Capcom has decided that moving forward, we will not further highlight the Dante battle theme for promotional purposes at this time. We are also currently evaluating what options are possible for the full game at this point, which is dependent on various factors such as resources.”

In November 2017, Loudwire reported that an Austrian fan had accused Hermida in a now-deleted Facebook post of sexually manipulating her and soliciting nude pictures from her when she was only 17: “He toyed with me and manipulated me into sending him nudes, which I was totally against. But hey, if your idol wants nudes, you send them.”

In a Facebook post of his own, Hermida apologised for his behaviour but also claimed the fan had told him she’d turned 18 prior to his soliciting nude pictures from her (a claim she had denied in her own post). “I was raised by a single mum who taught me to be respectful to all women,” wrote Hermida.

“I am ashamed that I have failed.” Hermida did not immediately respond to a request by Kotaku for further comment.

When Capcom revealed “Subhuman” yesterday, video game composer Cody Matthew Johnson, who worked with Suicide Silence on the track, said the project had been two years in the making.

However, now that Capcom has been made aware of the accusations against Hermida, it’s unclear whether it will still be a part of the finished game when it ships on March 8, 2019.


    • What Fear Factory song would you use as a base?.
      I listen to a good bit of FF and would love to hear it in a game some time. I feel it’s definitely more suited to a sci-fi man vs machines kinda game though (maybe if Neir Automata has a track based on Heavy Metal).

      I would like to hear for DMC something from Opeth, maybe a remake / remix of something like Master’s Apprentices or Deliverance .

      • Replica for sure to begin with. The lyrics in it are pitch black dark, suiting Dante and his origin.


        There is no love
        No Love


        I am a duplication
        I was conceived
        So violently

        There was no love
        There was no love for me
        There was only hatred

        I am rape
        I am hate
        I am rape
        I am hate”

        The song is absolutely magnificent in its machinegun like delivery, the harmonic delivery of its chorus, the disgust in it’s lyrics “I don’t want to live that way!” suit Dante down to a tee. They provided the soundtrack to the game MESSIAH at one stage, which was utterly brilliant, I’d love to see them have another crack. If I were to suggest another, I’d say Crystal Method, their music is also well suited in this area, not as dark and nihilistic, but able to deliver a full blown, kinetic, action based sound (for example, Name of the Game).

        • Demanufacture certainly had some pretty good songs on it.

          I saw FF when they toured last at the Tivoli in BNE. Was a solid night, but I was shocked at how big Dino is now… amazing that a big guy like him has the stamina for a whole set.

          • Hooooooooly craaaaap that’s Dino now!?!?!? Haven’t seen a pic of him in years!!! Hope he pulls it together for his own healths sake :\ Demanufacture’s one of my favorite albums primarily for the fact it’s a great ‘game’ album. Crank it up playing “DOOM 2016” and I kid you not, if you play that and NiN’s “Downward Spiral” randomising the songs, makes for a pretty great soundtrack to play by…

  • It’s kinda weird – I’d never heard of this band till yesterday, when they popped up in The Predator.

    … cool story, huh?

  • DMC was a really underrated game and the soundtrack was pretty alright. I don’t remember who did that, but they’re the right kind of industrial-ish stuff that the series likes.

    • Totally agree. Great game and the music fit really well. The soundtrack was by Noisia & Combichrist.

      • Combichrist! I knew that I knew one of them, but couldn’t think of the name. I don’t know anything about Noisia other than the soundtrack. I was never hugely into Industrial, so i missed a lot of the big names.

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