Metal Gear Solid's Intro Has Been Remade In Unreal Engine 4

It’s been 20 years this week since the release of the original, groundbreaking Metal Gear Solid, and to celebrate a fan has taken the 1998 game’s intro movie and completely remade it in Unreal Engine 4.

Here’s the original in all its blocky glory:

And here’s the new version made by Erasmus Brosdau, which not only completely redoes the visuals, but cleans up some of the audio as well, and adds a few edits and extra flourishes here and there just because it’s 2018 and he can:

We’ve actually featured Erasmus’ video work before: he’s the same guy who worked singlehandedly for years on a Warhammer 40K short that ended up better than anything official that’s ever been released.


    Now i really want to replay MGS

    Whenever I have to decide to bring a sandwich or not, I say weapons procurement OSP.

    Surprised there wasn’t a 20th anniversary ‘remaster’ done. Seems to be a ‘thing’ for they last couple of years.

    I chuckled recalling how incredible I thought the MGS intro was at the time, but this is incredible.

    I can appreciate his choices for the sub exterior for its spectacle.

    The sub nerd in me rages to see the ESM suite/periscopes raised under the water no where near the surface.

    pretty sweet
    man, why was hayter's snake voice at its peak in MSG1? It only got worse from here!

    Hey, it's the same guy who's doing the Lord Inquisitor 40k movie!

    DOO doo doo doodoodoo
    Doo doo doo DooDooDOO

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