This Is Not The Star Wars Merch Your House Is Looking For

This Is Not The Star Wars Merch Your House Is Looking For

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Star Wars fans are no stranger to buying tons of merchandise. So if you’re a long running fan of the series, then obviously you’ll want your entire house to look like the franchise, right?

You can see that logic play out in real-time in a new line of furniture unveiled today by Fantastic Furniture. It’s basically hoping to capitalise on the Star Wars fanbase, or at least the section that wants every aspect of their lives to look like Star Wars.

Take this shot, which was titled Star Wars Mancave.jpg for some reason:

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Firstly: why is this a mancave, exactly? Because there’s Star Wars merch everywhere? The blankets? The rug? I’m confused here. The posters go for $59 a pop, however, which isn’t too bad. (It’s worth noting that a “Mancave” bundle or collection isn’t being sold separately, so this is probably just an idea from marketing and not Fantastic Furniture’s fault.)

That said, Fantastic Furniture might have a lot more luck with the kid-focused line. It’s pretty common to deck out a kid’s room visually with the brands and toys they like, although I’d question the potential for an electrical hazard here:

Two things. Either that light is genuinely meant to be there, in which case someone a) doesn’t have kids and b) needs a lesson about health and safety. The other is that a designer or executive somewhere deliberately asked to make the light hang from the ceiling via Photoshop.

(Also, any kid with a ceiling that high in their bedroom … they’re doing alright.)

Kids might like the Death Star themed table ($99) and stool ($49):

Or an R2-D2 cupboard for $169. This one’s interesting, since it’s obviously something aimed at kids, although you’d think kids these days would be more attached to BB-8 (or even the prequels).

My major issue here is that it’s overt in a way that would turn off most Star Wars fans. Every nerd I’ve ever known loves spending money on useless junk, whether it’s to decorate their house, office desk, or even a keychain. But a little subtlety can go a long way. Take this image:

The best thing here is actually the lamp, even though it’s not part of the new Star Wars line. The wood’s a nice touch and could absolutely fit in with a droid/robotic theme. Can you imagine a little bit of pattern in the wood, taken from R2-D2’s shell or the Millennium Falcon?

But what’s actually on display here is the $159 bed head, covered in X-Wing and TIE fighter logos.

That aside, all of the rugs are quite neat. They’re selling for $29 a pop, and the lighter colours could work pretty neatly in a lot of houses.

And that’s what I’d really like to see a major company do: interior that’s inspired, but not completely branded. You can take inspiration from something without screaming it from the rooftops.

The new line, however, is a reminder that Star Wars in 2018 is really more a franchise for kids. Adults can still enjoy it, but it’s more of a traditional Disney cartoon than a modern Pixar film: characters and scenarios for kids to love, with some references and occasional themes to keep the parents entertained.

Plus, kids are actually OK with having their room decked out like the set of a movie. Serving drinks to friends in your living room when you’re over 30? That’s a different situation. A poster here or there, maybe a neat coaster or a mug is cool, but having the floor, coffee table, walls and couch all screaming Disney might be a touch far.

Part of the Star Wars range will be available from Monday:

Star Wars X-Wing Single Bed ($179)
Star Wars X-Wing Storage Box ($129)
Star Wars TIE Fighter Bedside ($129)
Star Wars R2-D2 Cupboard ($169)
Star Wars Kids Death Star Table ($99)
Star Wars Death Star Kids Stool ($49)
Star Wars Assorted Character Cushions ($15)
Star Wars Assorted Canvas Art ($59)
Star Wars Medium Lamp Shade ($39)
Star Wars Medium Death Star Rug ($49)
Star Wars Small Logo Rug ($29)

While the following will go on sale from late October and November:

Star Wars Double Bed Manchester ($49)
Star Wars Single Bed Manchester ($39)
Star Wars Faux Mink Blanket ($39)
Star Wars Single Mattress ($159)

November Range Drop:

Star Wars King Single Bed Head ($179)
Star Wars Single Bed Head ($159)
Star Wars Lucas 1 Seater Chair ($269)


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