Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Giant Boar Is A Pain In The Arse

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Giant Boar Is A Pain In The Arse

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s early adventures are easy enough: beat off bandits, dive into a cave, tackle a tough mercenary. But one early game challenge provides a surprising roadblock packed with death and snorting. The legendary Kalydonian Boar is surprisingly hard to defeat. We have some tips and some choice curse words for this perilous pig.

Phokis is one of the earliest region’s you explore in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and it’s pretty forgiving. Enemies drop tons of loot and missions are brisk. That all changes when you meet Daphnae, a Daughter of Artemis praying at one of the region’s temples.

After some flirting, she gives you a quest that lasts throughout the entire game: hunt and kill a variety of legendary beasts. If you’re eager to get started, the first one, the Kalydonian Boar, is only a small hike away.

This was the first and maybe even only time I felt like I hit a wall playing Odyssey, and it was against a friggin’ pig. The boar hits like a Mack truck and can move incredibly fast. Worse, it repeatedly summons a swarm of piglets that can basically stampede you to death. I must have fought this thing for at least three hours. Judging from my conversations with co-workers and folks on social media, everyone’s pissed off at this pig.

So, here’s what you should know if you want to survive.

First, if you’ve not embraced the power of a good spear—something I recommended in my general tips post—now is the time. It gives you extra space to dodge and can hit multiple piglets at once. My co-worker Paul also had luck with daggers. They’re trickier, but if you can get the right timing down on your dodge, you can land a lot of attacks.

Arrows are a good way of quickly disposing of piglets and doing big damage as well. Having a solid kit is crucial for this fight.

More importantly, you should have the “Second Wind” ability. Honestly, you should have it on your ability bar for the entire game.) It allows you to refill a percentage of your health at the cost of some adrenaline. At higher levels, it will restore up to 33%, so it’s a good investment in general.

For the Boar fight, if you’re dodging and attacking, you’ll always have chances to regain your health with this ability. Use it and love it.

Alternatively, just leave and come back later. Legendary animals don’t scale heavily with your own level. Leave Phokis in the rear-view mirror for a bit and come back later with the most legendary of gear and just Spartan Kick the Boar to death or whatever. Lord knows this terrifying beast deserves a good beatdown. 

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