The New Anime That Has Fans Complaining About Animation Quality

Screenshot: 2ch

Another season of anime! Another season of fans pointing out animation problems. This time it’s My Sister, My Writer.

So far, the show is two episodes in and regardless if you are enjoying the story or the characters, it seems rife with animation issues.

Which will, no doubt, be smoothed out with the animators are out from their gruelling work schedule and have time to do a sleek Blu-ray release.

In the meantime, some are already calling My Sister, My Writer this year’s production disaster! Here are some unfortunate screenshots from 2ch.

Screenshot: 2ch
Screenshot: 2ch
Screenshot: 2ch
Screenshot: 2ch
Screenshot: 2ch

And how the art stacks up to the source material.

Screenshot: 2ch
Screenshot: 2ch

Yikes! Twitter users have also been pointing out the show’s animation issues.


    LOL, I'm glad I can't really distinguish bad animation that well. It all looks OK to me. Not great, but acceptable.

    Is it just me, or did the listed "unfortunate" screenshots seem to be fine?

    If you want bad animation, Black Clover has this beat.
    Love the show but so much dodginess in it.

      I have to agree. I'm not super fussy about animation quality, but when they just forget to animate some scenes all together then it's a different story

      Bruh you seen dxd 4?

    I mean, a lot of them look quite awkward but I assumed that anime was just Like That.

    At least these frames don’t really look problematic at all. There are far far far worse ones that have come out in the past.

    I guess people have to complain about something.

    It's bad, sure. But nowhere near the atrocities anime has regaled us with in the past. Twitter just needed a "worst animation of the season" and this is it.

    Great more moe desu desu incest garbage.

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