The PS Classic Doesn’t Have Tomb Raider, But You Can Play It On A Mini SNES

The PS Classic Doesn’t Have Tomb Raider, But You Can Play It On A Mini SNES

Sony announced their list of games for the PlayStation Classic overnight and, unsurprisingly, there were some notable exclusions. Tomb Raider in particular stuck out across my social feed, and I understand being being miffed by the lack of Lara.

Fortunately, there’s some good news.

OpenLara is a browser-based version of the original Tomb Raider. The open-source project has been in the works for a while, and I’ve covered it on Kotaku before after the developer got 3D glasses to work with the game.

It works real well in your browser, particularly Firefox. But what if you want to play the game on a giant TV?

Not to worry, because developer Timur Gagiev has found a way to get the game playable on the Mini SNES as well.

You’ll need to use the Hakchi2 program to sync OpenLara with your Mini SNES. It’s worth it though: Gagiev’s open-source project not only includes the original game, but the first five Tomb Raider games, while running at 60fps with two-player splitscreen.

Gagiev is already working on adding support for online and LAN multiplayer. The game also works with mobile VR as well:

I don’t know how much Tomb Raider I could stomach in VR, particularly given how the camera swings around at points, but the fact that it’s working is bloody impressive. And the fact that this is all out there might be a good reason why Sony didn’t add Tomb Raider. This is miles better.


  • I suspect it’s more to do with licensing than anything else. The Tomb Raider IP has changed owners over the years and is now owned as Square Enix. It’s also a multiplatform franchise. Considering Lara was also one of many notable omissions from PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale (along with Spyro and Crash) – one would assume that the issue is with licensing.

  • Or just play Tomb Raider Anniversary anywhere. Its also back compat on xbone.

    I love Tomb Raider but I cannot go back to those controls.

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