What Moments Nearly Ruined A Game For You?

Image: Jin & Jase/Final Fantasy 15

I was talking to a friend the other day, and for whatever reason, Final Fantasy 15 came up. I can't remember whether it was about Final Fantasy generally, but before too long, that chapter was mentioned.

I'm talking, of course, about one of the worst JRPG moments in recent memory. Chapter 13, the episode where Square thought it was creatively worthwhile to strip the player of their entire party, your powers, weapons, magic, while funnelling you down a dank, narrow, grey series of corridors.

The Ten Stages Of Coping With Final Fantasy 15's Chapter 13

So you just started playing chapter 13 of Final Fantasy XV. It sucks. You feel trapped in a nightmare that will never end. Take some small comfort in knowing that you are not the only one to suffer through it.

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While I've finished FFXV, and thoroughly enjoyed the vast majority of the game, I've deliberately avoided the DLC. Ideally, I want to play through the entirety of the game again and experience the lot in order.

Small problem: that means dealing with Chapter 13 again. There's an alternative chapter, which runs for 20 minutes and gives you control of Ignis and Gladio, but that's only accessible from the main menu after beating the full game. It's really more of an advertisement for Gladio's DLC, since you're controlling him for the majority, but as that's also the worst of the post-launch content, that's not particularly inspiring either.

Still, chapter 13 didn't ruin my enjoyment of FFXV enough to stop playing. And the changes should at least make the first time through easier for people ... but man, that chapter can bugger right off.

The stipulation I want to stress here: moments that almost ruin a game. So no gripes about Mass Effect 3 endings or things like that. Elements that 1000% need a rework, but ones that aren't quite horrific enough to spoil the whole party.

So tell us. What moments nearly ruined a game for you?


    I think it was Metroid Prime 2, the boss where you get the ball powerup or the bombs while using the ball powerup. It was a real bastard. I read an intereview and one of the devs said he couldn't beat it without using debug cheats.

      That boss was nerfed for the trilogy. The game feels far more even now.

    The moment I clicked 'start' on Dragon Age 2...

    Yeah, I thought it was *that* bad.

      So you ended up loving it regardless?

        I loved deleting it... I managed to finish it after falling asleep multiple times. It's the completionist, or sadist in me.

          Sounds more like you hated the game, not that you loved the game but it was almost ruined by a specific moment.

            What's that old saying "From the very first moment..."

            Ok, but if I had to be specific. The moment I realised it was the same two or three dungeons over and over and over and over ad nauseum. The moment I realised the enemies were cut and paste, poorly designed and not well animated. Then there was the moment I realised the intricate plot of the first wasn't present in this.

            All culminating in that moment I realised "This is the direct to dvd sequel to DRAGON AGE, a cinematic masterpiece"...

      The stipulation I want to stress here: moments that almost ruin a game. So no gripes about Mass Effect 3 endings or things like that. Elements that 1000% need a rework, but ones that aren't quite horrific enough to spoil the whole party.

        Ohhhh I'll gripe, just you watch, I'll gripe! *shakes fist at cloud*

    The random encounter mechanic in most FF games, I really despise this.

    I don't mind it if the monsters are random, but not being able to see/avoid monsters ugh.

    Returning back to the edz in d2 after starting the curse of Osiris on Mercury.

    Getting to Mexico on red dead redemption. Slowed the game down to a crawl and lost all momentum

    Wait, the alternate version of Chapter 13 in FFXV wasn't actually patched *into* the game? I thought they'd redone that entire sequence (I played it through close to launch).

    For me, the best answer is probably every single combat encounter in Uncharted 3. Fuck that game's combat so much. Every single encounter is two waves, and they all just respawn from nowhere regardless of whether it's possible. Every enemy spams grenades the instant you go behind cover and you die incredibly fast if you're not in cover. Everything is a bullet sponge because they balanced the guns and everything around the Multiplayer. You're expected to go hunt around the arena for power weapons and use those to one-shot the hardest dudes or something, but that requires you trial-and-error dying repeatedly to figure out where they are.

    I swore up an absolute storm playing that game. But the bits where you weren't fighting were really good and I ended up forcing myself to finish. Glad I did but still hated the experience overall, nearly quit multiple times and to this day I refuse to ever go back. It's been years now and I still get angry thinking about it.

      Great shout. The bit at the beginning of the cruise ship sticks in my mind as being particularly rage inducing. Proof if ever needed as to how likeable the characters/narrative is because the core gameplay just sucks for me.

        The bit with the castle ruins at night in Spain or something early on where you had to snipe some dudes, I forget if that was before or after the cruise ship but that bit was where the rage really hit home for me.

        The stupid "run away along the often non-obvious path we intend you to run while having to fight our crappy camera, and if you even slightly fuck up you're doing it all again" sequences especially the escaping the sinking ship one can die in a fire too, though.

        It's hard to believe that the same people made the other games in the series.

    The first part of the Champion's Ballad DLC for Breath of the Wild. You're given a weapon that kills anything with one hit, but your hearts are reduced to 1/4 of a heart so everything can kill you with one hit. Then you have to kill a bunch of enemies and finish four shrines before your health is returned to normal. One of the shrines is full of rotating pointy things of death and I died so many times I nearly rage-quit.

      I used bomb arrows from my horse for that big. Enemy bit was pretty easy that way.

    XV's entire game after you leave the main continent is a "dank, narrow, grey series of corridors."

    Duriel, Diablo 2.

      Or trying to get the Staff of Kings from the Maggot Lair in act 2, and forever dying from lightning.

    The Mary-Jane/Miles sections of recent Marvel's Spider-man were pretty awful. Every time I progressed the story, I'd dread being forced back into the role of someone who wasn't able to web their way across Manhattan in about the time it takes to make a coffee.

    It didn't ruin the game - it's still a fucking fantastic game - but if there'd been any more of those, or if they'd been longer/more difficult, it really might have. I understand why they put them there, but in the end, it did more harm than good.

      For all the issues I had with the game I didn’t mind those too much (and having read numerous comments i know im the minority) - it was the amount of timed objectives or the goddam Oscorp research post busywork (particularly the one you have to stay both above AND below a certain height) that had me raging...

      I can totally see where you are coming from if you are a single player (normal for a single player game haha) but these sections and the challenges were great for sharing the controller with a partner, especially one who wants be more invested in the gameplay than just passively viewing the narrative. Come to think of it, I may have only done the crimes and boss fights...

    In at least the PC version of XV, they patched chapter 13 to be much easier and less arduous. It wasn't really a chore when I played it, though it wasn't the best gameplay either

      Yeah, they patched consoles version before the PC build came out. Didn't return back to it, but have been meaning to knock through FFXV on PC with all the bells and whistles turned up. (Especially after patches screwed performance on the PS4 Pro.)

        Should wait until they finish adding new content to it in 2023 or so...

    I can't recall which game it was (might have been FF15, but don't think it was) but I do recall playing something and just seeing exactly how the whole story was going to play out from about 1/4 of the way through the game. Just entirely disappointing to hit that point and know that I was basically wasting my time with the rest of it.

    It was a PS4 game from sometime earlier this year or last year. Really bugging me I can't remember which one it was.

    Most recently, MHW's elder monster tracking, having to stop the hunting of these awesome fights...to spend time grinding for footprints.
    You do it for the pink rathian and AGAIN for each Elder Dragon.

    Other games that nearly ruined it's experience include

    Wind Waker, Triforce hunt. Yeah, we're on to the end, close to giving Ganon the beating...no, you'll need to raise money, see tingle and find chests...OVER AND OVER before you may finish this game.

    Black Flag's forced ship stealth. Pirate ships are fun, aren't they kids?!? How about...sneaking through a swamp...on a ship?

    WoW, attunement quest chain. As you play WoW, you'd eventually find yourself in a guild, most likely with friends. If you were lucky, you'd find yourself with a lot of friends...maybe 25 friends?
    But you've hit the level cap, you want to get stronger. Well you'll need to do dungeons or raids. But to make sure you were geared correctly and you understood why you were charging into these places to murder the folk there, Blizzard demanded you complete a series of tasks, in a certain order. This was called Attunement.
    If you want to, scare yourself, look at the attunement guides created for Burning Crusade's raids.
    FLOW...CHARTS. Because nothing says fun, like doing checklists and homework.
    But you had to, to get to the best gear and the best fights in the game.

      Oh gods, I'd wiped that awfulness from my brain.

      The ridiculous amount of junk you had to do in bc was why I left raiding and went to a pve/pvp guild.

        Some of it was cool, like having some context to why you charging into a place.
        But making it a requirement is what killed it for a lot of my real friends.
        They had the gear and the skill to do the fights, but no, you haven't done a huge series of fetch quests and chatting to an old man in the hills, you don't get to come into this castle and fight cool shit with your friends.

    Weapon deg/weather effects from botw. Know it’s been discussed ad nauseum & some people love them but whilst i like the idea I hated the implementation.

    Honorable mentions to Galbadia prison/sewers in FF8, the deep roads in DA: Origins, the third act in Divinity: OS2, the batmobile from arkham knight and the blue shell from Mario Kart (last one a bit tongue in cheek of course).

      I see your DA:O post on the deep roads and I raise you the Fade in the mage's circle.

        Ha, yeah the fade sucked too. When I wrote that I did think that as much as i loved origins, there are more than a few really bad bits in it (just obviously more than countered with all the good?

        Afraid i’m going to stick with the deep roads though, yes the fade was bad, but at least it didn’t drag on and on and on for what felt like an eternity/ironically, reading one of my posts! ;)

          Oh yeah, the deep roads we're bad. I think I found it forgiving for the idea of the deep roads. That scene where your party watches the horde matching through the roads stuck with me and love the concept that the dwarves are duty bound to hold the line.

          The fade COULD have been awesome, but they just become a chore. Even the environment for the fade is just...dull. I need a redbull everytime the fade comes up, just so I don't fall asleep.

          Wow...we're bitching hard bout origins...I SWEAR IT'S A GOOD GAME...just has some pretty shit sections.

        Oh man the fade sucked so bad. I only played it once then used a mod called "skip the fade" for every subsequent play. It was a very popular mod...

          I want to like the fade, but it's just sooo...boring.
          Hell it's why I didn't like starting as a mage. Starting...IN THE DAMN FADE.

    Learning I had to collect every Tribal in Jet Force Gemini made me quit it for months.

    Those mandatory arcade machines in DK64 that you had to beat TWICE each in order to progress.

    Any "co-op" game that forces me to play a part single player, I'm thinking about Dying Light and the entire ending sequence which ruined an otherwise fun experience.

      Hahaha, I forgot getting all the Tribals. That opened up a 2nd ending didn't it?

      The Donkey Kong arcade game was a bunch of fun. JetPac not so much.

        For me it was the other way around, loved JetPac but hated trying to grind for the medal on DK. Although that said, both were a massive relief to finally be done with :P

        To this day I still haven't finished Jet Force Gemini, never could get past the final boss and by the time I got to it I'd lost all motivation. Dunno about 2nd endings, it was mandatory.

        I hated both the DK and JetPac one but managed to cheese the JetPac one somehow from memory. Loved DK64 but that definitely had me infuriated as a young boy for a good few days until I got past it.

    Deus Ex Human Revolution... you play the gane on release as a stealth non-lethal hacker which effects your talents and gear. Walk into the end of zone 2.... boss fight to the death and the boss is 5 metres in front of you with military hardware and you have a taser and a tranq dart gun and nothing to hack.

    Devs admitted it was their fault and later in its life patched a new boss mechanic for non lethal hackers but restarting the gane to make sure I had a fighting chance in all the biss fights sucked.

    God of War, I just need to zoom that camera out, like, one or two meters. But no apparently, you get one perspective and that’s it.

    Hehe, bloody ratchet n clank 2 was a hard kunt of a game at the end missions. Remember just giving up for a week (fuckin blue little ball monster things were boss as, talking 1 hit ya dead, even with rachets armour you could get)

    Such a ghee game.

    Literally any time you have to play as rando present day guy in an Assassin's Creed game. I hated the Desmond sections in the first two, and I was happy to see that it was reduced to skippable cutscenes by the time of Syndicate.

    Then I played Origins and oh boy did I throw the controller down the moment I realised I was going to be playing as Random Future Person.

    I'm waiting for someone to tell me if Odyssey has these stupid, pointless sections before I think about picking it up.

    Bioshock's escort mission. The epitome of all annoying escort missions.

    Mario Odyssey. The concert in New Donk City I think it was. I'd just spent ages and ages exploring every inch of the city and finally went on to progress the "story", then all of a sudden the city changes and there's a bunch of random buildings and whatnot that have now opened up and you can go inside? That was the straw that broke the camel's back, and I called it quits on the game for actively disrespecting my time.

    Just as a note I'm not criticising it for expanding the world as you play, which is standard for games like this. It's that generally in such cases there's some kind of indicator showing that there's locked off areas you'll need to come back to later, giving you that mental note when you first explore them. In this case there was none of that, just a random smattering of additional landmarks which wouldn't be so much of a problem if they weren't obsessed with making the worlds so stupidly gigantic without changing their approach to go with it.

    Every single shrine in Breath of the Wild with the gyro-tablet mechanic. I nearly gnawed my elbows off in frustration in a couple of those.

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